Finding answers to a research question is an important part of any presentation, but the answers have to be articulated by main claims and because clauses.

The development and innovations of technology by NASA since 1958 have played a crucial role in the advancement of social media because:

  1. NASA improved the computer and signal clarity by adding speed and massive networking to share multimedia such as images and videos through networks across the world wide web.
  2. The technology NASA developed for improving its own missions has resulted in commercial applications around the world. 
  3. During the Cold War from the period NASA was established (1958-1991), social media saw it’s greatest innovative period with the indirect development of companies that became user friendly and opened networks across the world.
  4. NASA took advantage of all social media aspects and won an award for the most interaction with the public through social  media presented by J.D Power, competing against major companies and government agencies.

1. John Embrick (2014), an associate administrator for Communications at NASA Headquarters in Washington, acknowledges that, “increasingly, more and more people are getting their news from online sources, and we strive to share our story of exploration and discovery with the public through these digital channels, including social media.”

2. As J.R. Wilson (2008), a heavy researcher for technological development part of the Human Systems Integration Division,  reports that, NASA’s “Software of the Year” award went to Internet-based Global Differential GPS (IGDG), a C-language package that provides an end-to-end system capability for GPS-based real-time positioning and orbit determination. Developed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the software is being used to operate and control real-time GPS data streaming from NASA’s Global GPS Network. The Federal Aviation Administration has adopted the software’s use into the Wide Area Augmentation System program that provides pilots in U.S. airspace with real-time, meter-level accurate knowledge of their positions.”

3.  John Yembrick, a blogger and a business strategist, uses his business mindset to encourage entrprenuers by recognizing that, “NASA uses social media to tell a story; the story of why space exploration is important to the fabric of people’s lives and NASA’s place in it.”

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