The Value of Anita

So this week I have been listening to an artist by the name of Smino. He is an upcoming artist in the hip-hop industry and one of my favorite songs by him is ‘Anita’ off of his debut project ‘blkswn’ which released back in 2017. Anita to Smino is anyone in his life that has impacted him for the greater good such as his girlfriend, mother, sister, friends, etc. Throughout the duration of the song he talks about the many values and benefits that come with being around these individuals as well as the euphoric moments he feels when around Anita. What I love is that Anita has multiple meanings and is not limited to simply one person and I believe that we all have an Anita within our lives.

Anita for me in college has been my new friends, old friends, parents, and my professors. New friends have allowed me to further expand upon my social skills while also allowing me to gain a better understanding of culture and interests from their diverse backgrounds. Old friends have allowed me to grow comfortable in an area where so much can happen in one day and have helped me realize the simple things that can make my day even better than how it started. Parents have continued to show me support with every call that I make to them as well as giving me the proper advice on how to handle a new chapter in my life. Professors have been assisting me with new ways to ease myself while attempting to solve both school and personal life issues and I cannot thank them enough.

I value the fact that I have been able to find Anita at college where I believed that it was going to be hard to find. College has been quite the rocky road to start off but I am maintaining my composure as well as possible with help of my Anita. Every college kid needs to define their Anita while reflecting through any rough issues that they are going through while also keeping in mind that they could possibly be someone’s Anita. Having this mindset will allow for all of us to go about our responsibilities in an orderly way while keeping our minds relaxed and calm. Anita is essential for everyone’s lives but making sure we are aware of who it could be even in the simplest aspect can boost our moods creating a much happier society.

A Sense of Composure

As a freshman in college, I have learned a multitude of different things with the experiences I have had with other people as well as the ones I have had with just myself. One of the most important ones that I would like to discuss is maintaining a sense of composure while dealing with stress and other roadblocks that come about during our busy weeks. I have learned several ways to deal with this and they have each been beneficial at their own special moments that allow me to continue to thrive at the college level.

One technique that I have grown fond of is going to Cary Street Gym and working out different parts of my body while also having fun with friends at the indoor soccer field and at the aquatic area on the lower level. Simply stepping out of my dorm and initiating activity whether it is by myself or with other people allows my mind to reach a much more relaxed state that serves as a break from the work that I had been doing and dealing with the stress that it causes. This technique is not something that is used to avoid work, but rather a break from it. We all have at least one assignment that we try to do last minute or try to cram down our throats and it makes our minds very anxious and angry especially after several hours of staying in one location doing the work.

Another technique that has helped me maintain a sense of composure is listening to vinyl records on my vinyl player. After finishing all of my work, this serves as the best way for me to truly be relaxed. I can just put whatever record I feel I am in the mood for and I can relax on my bed just listening to the entire thing without any distractions. I am also very analytical when it comes to music and being alone allows for me to think about many different scenarios that come about during the record that I listen to. However, listening to these records in solitude is not the only way I can get relief from my work. When my friends that have the same interests come over and listen with me, it allows for conversation to develop and we can all just hangout and do whatever while we listen.

Finding a sense of composure in college is one of the crucial points that all college kids should seek for themselves to be able to be successful and healthy as we pursue ourselves even further in life.

The Beauty of Music Variety

One thing that I have grown to appreciate more as my life progresses is the different types of music that I listen to and how to associate specific moods with each type I listen to. Most of the music I had first started to listen to were heavy metal type bands such as AC-DC, Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne, and Metallica. These bands and artists were some of my dad’s favorites and he was raised to like these “American style” rock bands that thrived in his teenage and college years. At first I started to like them too because we used to play lots of Guitar Hero with lots of their songs on it, but my friends in middle school began to stretch my horizons for the better.

Basically in middle school every kid was introduced to some type of hip hop or rap artists that made us feel extremely energetic and cocky of ourselves and who we hung around. For me, the artists I got introduced to were J. Cole, A$AP Rocky, Eminem, Future, Big Sean, and Childish Gambino. The hits that they produced allowed us to wild out at little house parties that we threw and made us want to go out of the ordinary way of life and made us thrive in our youth. We each tried things that we want to remember forever as well as things that we wish we could forget forever. It made us feel energetic and alive as can be for these couple of years, but once high school came, a dramatic awakening was waiting that I’m not sure any of us were expecting.

In high school, especially the later years, kids were developing a strong attachment to indie music that allowed for conversation, fashion, and identity to flourish as we matured into young adults. My favorite artists that I discovered were Rex Orange County, Michael Seyer, Galimatias, Bane’s World, and Boy Pablo. I even performed “Sunflower” by Rex Orange County in an open mic event at my high school with some of my friends that had muscial talent. I was signing with my friend Ian, Enrique played the drums, and Gerard played the guitar. We got more applause than we had expected and it was such a great time for all of us.

I am extremely grateful for all that I have learned in music and hope to explore and learn even more down the road with more people who want to do the same.

My Multimodal Idea

So on Thursday, February 7th, we worked in class on composing our multimodal projects and I believe that everyone in my class was headed in the right direction with their ideas. Professor Galligan was conversing with each of us to gain a general understanding of where we wanted to take our ideas and how to best reach our goals with how we wanted to address our audience, content structure, and how our multimodals could best stand alone for interpretation. I was kind of curious about possibly doing a video or something along those lines but after discussing my ideas with my peers and Professor Galligan, I have a much clearer idea of where I want to take my project.

My project is going to resemble a fantasy world where this one kid named Asta is born and he has literally everything going against him: no magic in a world where everything is revolved around magic, a brother who does everything better than he does and at a much faster rate, getting placed into the worst Magic Squad while his brother gets put into the best and has a much better of achieving the title of Wizard King than him.  The one thing that allows Asta to prevail throughout the story is his motto of never giving up. Literally, in every situation he gets placed into, no matter the difficulty or how dire the situation is, he always finds a way out by his own crazy ideas or help from his friends in the Squad. What is truly interesting is his ability to tap into the hidden power possessed within the two swords he obtained while he was taking his Magic Knights Entrance Exam. It is an ability that allows him to repel any magic spell that is cast against him and can allow him to turn the tides of any fight/situation.

I want my audience to be kids and for them to take Asta’s motto to heart about not giving up no matter how hard or different doing a task or simply living their lives may be. It is important to not give up just because things might not be going your way and I believe that teaching this to kids at a young age will allow them to build the skills necessary to stay focused on the tasks they need to complete and live their lives to the best of their own capability.


Ever since my 17th birthday when I built my first PC with my friends, I have been very invested in PC games and have been playing Overwatch, my favorite, for nearly 2 years and it has become my favorite game to play in my relaxation time. It is a team based game with 6v6 action and the objective of each game can vary from controlling a hardpoint, moving a payload, or playing defense by not allowing the opposing team to fulfill their mission. Each person on each team plays as a hero that specializes in a certain field such as tank, damage, or support. Heroes in each category can either specialize solely in their roles or can be labeled as “off heroes” who can perform actions of other fields much better than those in their field. Each hero has abilities that have cooldown timers to make them less abusive and to balance out the game for both teams.  Progressing play time while eliminating enemies throughout each match allows for each hero to access their ultimate ability which can help defend, attack, or assist in tight situations that a group of teammates may have to go against in crunch time situations.

My favorite hero to play is Zenyatta, a support off hero who can both heal allies and damage enemies at will. His abilities include tossing out orbs that can be passed from one ally to another to heal them, or from one enemy to the next to increase the amount of damage they take by allies and yourself. He has slow mobility so playing behind tank heroes who have shields allows for him to perform at his best without having to deal with heroes wanting to go against him 1 on 1. His ultimate allows for him to move extremely fast while also creating a giant healing field for allies to recover massive amounts of damage in very little time. It lasts for 6-7 seconds so it is balanced and should only be used in crucial situations in a match.

Overwatch is very competitive as well, having players play ranked matches with other players of their skill level allows for an engaged environment by all players with voice communication to facilitate strategic movement and cooperation to move in on objectives. If you like competitiveness while also cooperating towards a specified goal and like PC games, I cannot think of a better game to get into than Overwatch. It has modes for casual people who just want to play a few games and not caring about the outcome or how they play.