Ever since my 17th birthday when I built my first PC with my friends, I have been very invested in PC games and have been playing Overwatch, my favorite, for nearly 2 years and it has become my favorite game to play in my relaxation time. It is a team based game with 6v6 action and the objective of each game can vary from controlling a hardpoint, moving a payload, or playing defense by not allowing the opposing team to fulfill their mission. Each person on each team plays as a hero that specializes in a certain field such as tank, damage, or support. Heroes in each category can either specialize solely in their roles or can be labeled as “off heroes” who can perform actions of other fields much better than those in their field. Each hero has abilities that have cooldown timers to make them less abusive and to balance out the game for both teams.  Progressing play time while eliminating enemies throughout each match allows for each hero to access their ultimate ability which can help defend, attack, or assist in tight situations that a group of teammates may have to go against in crunch time situations.

My favorite hero to play is Zenyatta, a support off hero who can both heal allies and damage enemies at will. His abilities include tossing out orbs that can be passed from one ally to another to heal them, or from one enemy to the next to increase the amount of damage they take by allies and yourself. He has slow mobility so playing behind tank heroes who have shields allows for him to perform at his best without having to deal with heroes wanting to go against him 1 on 1. His ultimate allows for him to move extremely fast while also creating a giant healing field for allies to recover massive amounts of damage in very little time. It lasts for 6-7 seconds so it is balanced and should only be used in crucial situations in a match.

Overwatch is very competitive as well, having players play ranked matches with other players of their skill level allows for an engaged environment by all players with voice communication to facilitate strategic movement and cooperation to move in on objectives. If you like competitiveness while also cooperating towards a specified goal and like PC games, I cannot think of a better game to get into than Overwatch. It has modes for casual people who just want to play a few games and not caring about the outcome or how they play.

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  1. This was a great read! I have never played overwatch because I never had a good pc to play on. I understand how the game works though after reading your entry. I have played other video games in my life though on gaming consoles. My favorite game was Destiny back in 2014-2016. It also had a competitive aspect to it as well with PvP and PvE game modes and it was multiplayer. I’m sure you’ve heard about it. Anyways, with the new trend in video games seeming to be that the games will last for only a few months and then people will become bored with it, how is it that Overwatch has been so successful? My guess is the competitive aspect. Thanks!

  2. I too have played Overwatch for about a little over a year now, and I also enjoy playing support heroes. When I first started off, I liked to main D.va because it’s easy to kind of run in and blow up in a moment of desperation. Her unlimited ammo and higher health levels also make her ideal for a beginning player. However, when I started to play competitive matches, and before the most recent nerf, I always played Mercy. She’s my favorite out of all the support characters and I was working on aiming with her tiny gun for months (haha). However, after the last nerf to her character, she’s almost impossible to heal with and basically useless. It’s. Horrible. So, I’m back to switching it up with D.va, Orisa, or Brigette.

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