My Multimodal Idea

So on Thursday, February 7th, we worked in class on composing our multimodal projects and I believe that everyone in my class was headed in the right direction with their ideas. Professor Galligan was conversing with each of us to gain a general understanding of where we wanted to take our ideas and how to best reach our goals with how we wanted to address our audience, content structure, and how our multimodals could best stand alone for interpretation. I was kind of curious about possibly doing a video or something along those lines but after discussing my ideas with my peers and Professor Galligan, I have a much clearer idea of where I want to take my project.

My project is going to resemble a fantasy world where this one kid named Asta is born and he has literally everything going against him: no magic in a world where everything is revolved around magic, a brother who does everything better than he does and at a much faster rate, getting placed into the worst Magic Squad while his brother gets put into the best and has a much better of achieving the title of Wizard King than him.  The one thing that allows Asta to prevail throughout the story is his motto of never giving up. Literally, in every situation he gets placed into, no matter the difficulty or how dire the situation is, he always finds a way out by his own crazy ideas or help from his friends in the Squad. What is truly interesting is his ability to tap into the hidden power possessed within the two swords he obtained while he was taking his Magic Knights Entrance Exam. It is an ability that allows him to repel any magic spell that is cast against him and can allow him to turn the tides of any fight/situation.

I want my audience to be kids and for them to take Asta’s motto to heart about not giving up no matter how hard or different doing a task or simply living their lives may be. It is important to not give up just because things might not be going your way and I believe that teaching this to kids at a young age will allow them to build the skills necessary to stay focused on the tasks they need to complete and live their lives to the best of their own capability.

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  1. I enjoy that you took your multimodal into a direction of a fictional world, where there is a strong message that can be related back to young kids, or anyone really who needs encouragement. I have heard a lot of good ideas from my classmates as well, but I think making up a fictional story is a very cool idea and will be interesting for an audience to look and read. Many of them are very serious or and relate to an older audience, so seeing a project related to kids is a nice addition to the projects. Will this multimodal be written or drawn into a children’s book or will you be creating it digitally?

  2. I think that’s a great idea. Most of us get so depressed and overwhelmed with everything going on with our lives that we eventually give up, which we shouldn’t at any cost. I really like your idea, keep up the good work.

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