A Sense of Composure

As a freshman in college, I have learned a multitude of different things with the experiences I have had with other people as well as the ones I have had with just myself. One of the most important ones that I would like to discuss is maintaining a sense of composure while dealing with stress and other roadblocks that come about during our busy weeks. I have learned several ways to deal with this and they have each been beneficial at their own special moments that allow me to continue to thrive at the college level.

One technique that I have grown fond of is going to Cary Street Gym and working out different parts of my body while also having fun with friends at the indoor soccer field and at the aquatic area on the lower level. Simply stepping out of my dorm and initiating activity whether it is by myself or with other people allows my mind to reach a much more relaxed state that serves as a break from the work that I had been doing and dealing with the stress that it causes. This technique is not something that is used to avoid work, but rather a break from it. We all have at least one assignment that we try to do last minute or try to cram down our throats and it makes our minds very anxious and angry especially after several hours of staying in one location doing the work.

Another technique that has helped me maintain a sense of composure is listening to vinyl records on my vinyl player. After finishing all of my work, this serves as the best way for me to truly be relaxed. I can just put whatever record I feel I am in the mood for and I can relax on my bed just listening to the entire thing without any distractions. I am also very analytical when it comes to music and being alone allows for me to think about many different scenarios that come about during the record that I listen to. However, listening to these records in solitude is not the only way I can get relief from my work. When my friends that have the same interests come over and listen with me, it allows for conversation to develop and we can all just hangout and do whatever while we listen.

Finding a sense of composure in college is one of the crucial points that all college kids should seek for themselves to be able to be successful and healthy as we pursue ourselves even further in life.

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  1. I agree that finding a sense of composure in college is very important and something that we all need to do. Music is a great way to try and relax and maintain your composure. A lot of times I listen to music while I’m doing homework or studying because it helps my body to relax and kind of tricks my brain into not making it as stressful. People can easily relax for hours but studying or doing homework for hours is a constant struggle. So, if you pair it with something that’s more relaxing then it is easier to get more done.

  2. I completely agree! It is so important to have a place or thing to do to just take your mind off of everything. For me, my favorite thing to do when I’m super stressed out or in a difficult place, is to just sit outside and relax. I used to do this all the time back in high school, where I would just come home and lay on my deck for hours, leaving my phone inside. It’s so nice to actually just lay around and look at the sky without any social interuptions. I would simply close my eyes and go into my own world. That really helped me relieve my stress and anxiety. I think it is so important for people to have their own getaway place, as it really does help for everything.

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