The Value of Anita

So this week I have been listening to an artist by the name of Smino. He is an upcoming artist in the hip-hop industry and one of my favorite songs by him is ‘Anita’ off of his debut project ‘blkswn’ which released back in 2017. Anita to Smino is anyone in his life that has impacted him for the greater good such as his girlfriend, mother, sister, friends, etc. Throughout the duration of the song he talks about the many values and benefits that come with being around these individuals as well as the euphoric moments he feels when around Anita. What I love is that Anita has multiple meanings and is not limited to simply one person and I believe that we all have an Anita within our lives.

Anita for me in college has been my new friends, old friends, parents, and my professors. New friends have allowed me to further expand upon my social skills while also allowing me to gain a better understanding of culture and interests from their diverse backgrounds. Old friends have allowed me to grow comfortable in an area where so much can happen in one day and have helped me realize the simple things that can make my day even better than how it started. Parents have continued to show me support with every call that I make to them as well as giving me the proper advice on how to handle a new chapter in my life. Professors have been assisting me with new ways to ease myself while attempting to solve both school and personal life issues and I cannot thank them enough.

I value the fact that I have been able to find Anita at college where I believed that it was going to be hard to find. College has been quite the rocky road to start off but I am maintaining my composure as well as possible with help of my Anita. Every college kid needs to define their Anita while reflecting through any rough issues that they are going through while also keeping in mind that they could possibly be someone’s Anita. Having this mindset will allow for all of us to go about our responsibilities in an orderly way while keeping our minds relaxed and calm. Anita is essential for everyone’s lives but making sure we are aware of who it could be even in the simplest aspect can boost our moods creating a much happier society.

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