Positive Attitude Towards the Future

Today I had my advising appointment with the Engineering faculty and it went very well. I found out that I have a large task ahead of me that includes taking 18 credits next semester compared to the measly 14 I am currently enrolled in. Next semester will include a majority of upper-level classes such as UNIV 200, Physics 207, EGRE 246, EGRE 206, and MATH 301. I will only be able to take MATH 301 in the Fall 2019 semester with full completion of MATH 201 at NOVA Community College this summer. My adviser made it perfectly clear what path lies ahead of me and gave me the confidence I need to be as successful in Electrical Engineering as possible.

One of my neighbors recently graduated from the VCU College of Engineering and also majored in Electrical Engineering. I have been discussing with him several options to be successful such as study habits, internships, career fairs, and fraternities. We have been extremely close for about 12 years now and it has been quite a ride for both of our parents to see just how much we have grown compared to when we first moved into the neighborhood. His dad told me that I have the opportunity to come and work for both of them once I graduate and I could not be thankful enough that they would be willing to accept me. However, I have much larger plans for what I want to do after I graduate college. I want to travel and gain connections with engineering companies overseas to see if I could perhaps land a hardware engineering job while also learning a foreign language. Learning a foreign language is something that provides a major boost towards job application with our world growing more diverse by the year. New problems arise that come from people that are not 100% fluent in the English language and being able to help these people out is a huge plus to my confidence and mindset.

It truly is amazing that students with the right motivation can tap into their potential at an alarming rate and want something more out of their lives than simply a degree and a job. I believe that more college students should explore their options about their futures, as I see most kids simply going through the motions on a day to day basis and not pushing themselves to do some extra tasks. Although most kids have no clue what will come about after these four years, and I am no exception, the easiest thing to do is be curious and maintain a positive attitude about all the possibilities that can be realized and implemented into our lives to make us stronger academic individuals.

Winter Depression Transitions Into Spring Happiness

As we transition into Spring 2019 new changes come waiting for us all in the new season. These changes can be beneficial such as positive change in attitude or detrimental such as having more allergies to deal with. For myself, spring motivates me to do more with my time instead of simply laying back and binge watching the shows that I love. The weather is much nicer and I can wear clothes that I am comfortable in instead of having to pick out an outfit that has to go with the cold, intense weather in the wintertime. I also love to play outdoor sports with my friends such as football, soccer, and basketball where I can exercise and play for a longer period of time.

The transition into springtime seems easy for me, but I know a lot of people that have the most difficult time getting out of their winter phases. One of my friends recently had a talk with me about his issue where he described wintertime and all the sue of things going on to go with the cold weather as “Winter Depression”. He told me that he seems as if everyone wants to relax after the handle their own responsibilities and no one wants to be with each other. He then went on to elaborate on his theory by telling me about his winter break where he attempted to hang out with hi friends but ultimately stayed home for the majority of the time. I told him that staying alone for a bit is never a bad thing and that reflection upon the his life during the Fall 2018 semester was normal. He responded with “Well how do I just *snap* into a new time in my life like you do?”. and I was just left in awe. I wanted to go off on a tangent about how my transition is no different from anyone else’s and that we all go through this time, but I refrained and we just changed the topic towards video games.

What I really want everyone to take out of this is that springtime is a time for expression and happiness and to embrace doing the things that you want to as the healthiest period of time in the new year. Winter Depression will only last temporarily and Spring Happiness will soon impact everyone’s lives in a positive manner. It might not be at the same time for everyone but the benefits towards happiness will be too great to pass up.

My Trip to New York

Over Spring Break I took a trip to New York City with my girlfriend and one of her friends. We had been planning the trip for a little over three weeks and once we finally put the whole thing together we were extremely satisfied and excited that we were actually making it happen. Our bus left Union Station in Washington DC at 12 pm on Monday, March 4th and we arrived at Port Authority in New York at 4 pm that same day. I do not mind walking all that much but the two girls were complaining nonstop because of how far our airbnb was from the station and how cold it was.

Once we got to our airbnb, several problems arose that made it not as exciting as it appeared in the pictures we viewed. Our main lighting was very dim, the locks on the doors were very loose, windows were very thin so we could always hear outside noise, and shower was disgusting. So after all of our complaints we decided to get some burgers since we were all tired and hungry from the bus ride. After we ate, we went out and realized that most of the places we wanted to go to we had to be over 21 so we settled at a ramen place then went back home and got ready for our next day.

The next day we went shopping in SoHo and we went to places that we have all been wanting to go to for the longest time. The girls went to Brandy Melville, TopShop, and Levi’s while I spent my time at Palace, OVO, and H&M. I spent almost $400 on just clothes before deciding to limit myself since we still had another day to do things. We all went to this shoe store called KITH where they sold merchandise, shoes, and treats where you could mix cereal with ice cream and toppings. KITH was truly one of the highlights of our day. Later that night we all relaxed with pizza and salads.

The following day included us visiting friends that lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn and sightseeing. We went to a museum near the Brooklyn Bridge, ate some great tacos from the Chelsea Market, and had ice cream late at night in the sub-20 degree weather. Overall, it was a great trip and I would love to go back in the summertime and with a little bit more money and time to get a full experience of the thing we did not visit. I feel refreshed and ready to get back into school with the rest of the Spring 2019 semester underway.