Positive Attitude Towards the Future

Today I had my advising appointment with the Engineering faculty and it went very well. I found out that I have a large task ahead of me that includes taking 18 credits next semester compared to the measly 14 I am currently enrolled in. Next semester will include a majority of upper-level classes such as UNIV 200, Physics 207, EGRE 246, EGRE 206, and MATH 301. I will only be able to take MATH 301 in the Fall 2019 semester with full completion of MATH 201 at NOVA Community College this summer. My adviser made it perfectly clear what path lies ahead of me and gave me the confidence I need to be as successful in Electrical Engineering as possible.

One of my neighbors recently graduated from the VCU College of Engineering and also majored in Electrical Engineering. I have been discussing with him several options to be successful such as study habits, internships, career fairs, and fraternities. We have been extremely close for about 12 years now and it has been quite a ride for both of our parents to see just how much we have grown compared to when we first moved into the neighborhood. His dad told me that I have the opportunity to come and work for both of them once I graduate and I could not be thankful enough that they would be willing to accept me. However, I have much larger plans for what I want to do after I graduate college. I want to travel and gain connections with engineering companies overseas to see if I could perhaps land a hardware engineering job while also learning a foreign language. Learning a foreign language is something that provides a major boost towards job application with our world growing more diverse by the year. New problems arise that come from people that are not 100% fluent in the English language and being able to help these people out is a huge plus to my confidence and mindset.

It truly is amazing that students with the right motivation can tap into their potential at an alarming rate and want something more out of their lives than simply a degree and a job. I believe that more college students should explore their options about their futures, as I see most kids simply going through the motions on a day to day basis and not pushing themselves to do some extra tasks. Although most kids have no clue what will come about after these four years, and I am no exception, the easiest thing to do is be curious and maintain a positive attitude about all the possibilities that can be realized and implemented into our lives to make us stronger academic individuals.

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  1. I have had a very positive experience with my advisor and the appointments with him. They are very eye opening. I am graduating early. We sat down for a solid hour and planned out the next two years here in order to make it happen. As for summer school, it is an awesome way to get ahead in studies, especially if you are like myself and enjoy online classes. I am taking 3 online VCU courses over this summer.

    There will be plenty of obstacles we will face as students and even after when we join the workforce. It is pivotal to stay positive as we navigate through school and life. Best of luck in your studies!

  2. I like how committed you are. I’m not majoring in engineering but I will probably be taking about 17 credits next fall so it should be challenging but I am looking at it positively. It’s also nice to see that your aim in life is big which motivates others too. Good luck.

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