The Last Hoorah

Well, here it is. My final blog post for UNIV 112. I want to make this post all about what it means to write down your thoughts into a meaningful, well-constructed paper for not only an audience to read, but for yourself to read as well. I have always been someone who creates lots of scenarios in my head about any random thing as the day goes on. These scenarios could range from fantasy, politics, relationships, etc. and they always seem to make me think outside the box compared to my peers. I believe that having this abstract thinking is what makes me want to write about whatever comes to my mind while actually enjoying it as opposed to those who write solely for assignment. I have talked about nearly everything that came to my mind throughout the semester and I have received very cooperative and positive comments that make my peers divulge into my posts and actually take an interest to them.

I really appreciate the format that these blogs were constructed in. Going on the Course Site and seeing a new variety of posts every hour allows for fresh content to be brought to our eyes as well as giving us the ability to comment about something different each time. I truly admire Professor Galligan for giving us this layout not only as an interesting assignment, but the ability for us to connect with each other across all of his classes. Completing each of these blogs has allowed me to feel at ease when I write and not have to worry about what others will think of my writing. In high school, timed writings were done side-by-side and when the grades returned, everybody wanted to compare with each other on how we all did. Immense stress was put on us for embarrassment sake and we each wanted to impress our peers with the best writing. I am glad that is no longer the case and that we can write about whatever comes to mind in a free environment.

I truly believe that I am only scratching the surface of my writing and that I will be able to do well on a majority of higher level college assignments with how much I have progressed this semester. I hope that more students feel this way and want to continue their own paths towards becoming better writers even if it is not their strongest intention. Best of luck to everyone else on their own journeys and keep the motivation strong.

The Responsibility of a House

Today, my friends and I put forth our payments towards our house for our sophomore years in college. We met with our realtor around 2:30 today and he provided us with the information on how to manage over the property. It is really exciting to finally be able to call this house our own and he have lots of ideas in store on how to decorate it to make it the right fit for us. It has four bedrooms and two bathrooms so no one of us has to share a bedroom in the house. Three bedrooms are on the upper floor while one is located right by the front door. Since Thomas and I both went and toured the house, we get the two better bedrooms which consist of the one downstairs and the one on the upper level that faces towards the street. The only knack on this house is that in order of get to one of the bedrooms on the upper level, you must go through another bedroom. That decision will be made up between our two other friends, Panchu and Dennis, who were too lazy to come tour the house with us.

The move in date for the house is relatively close on July 1st and we basically get a free first month’s rent from the place. There is a very nice backyard with enough parking space for two of our cars and our neighbors seem to be cooperative as well. This is our first real experience of living on our own: paying for rent and utilities by the month. Sure, anyone can get up for class and do their homework, but they have no real world expenses to pay or worry about for every month that passes. Thomas and I both have lots of responsibility in us and we feel like we will be able to manage paying rent on a piece of property successfully. Panchu and Dennis are more carefree but they will have to cooperate with us in order to make this work for the four of us.

I want to be just like my parents and this is a great opportunity to develop the skills I need to do so. My dad emphasized work and responsibility growing up, but he wants me to enjoy myself, after all the work is completed. Paying the bills for this house in addition to the quiet space compared to a dorm will allow for me to get my work done quickly while having plenty more time to do what I want.

Nature Trips

On Tuesday, April 15th, I am going to a cabin with my friends in Shenandoah and I am hoping that it is going to be a blast. I am planning to go to my classes on this day before we leave at 5:30 pm that evening. We have everything that we could want for this trip: family, friends, food, good weather, and the whole place to ourselves. We should arrive at our destination around 8 pm, where we will be greeted by our friend’s family and stay up and take lots of pictures around the area that we are staying in. I am not too scared of nature as I have been on many camping trips and late night outdoor events in the past, so this only furthers my excitement.

My own family used to know this group of people and we loved going to their house to camp on the weekends. Their house was located in West Virginia and it was one of the most open spots for me to play in as a kid. We entered through a muddy river, in our old red Ford Expedition, one of the only cars that was suitable for the job, and once we got inside it was so astonishing to my eyes. There was about 30 acres of just grassland and a lone house sat top the property, overlooking the scene for a breathtaking moment. My father and I used to set up our favorite games such as Spikeball, Kan Jam, and Volleyball to make our days so busy that we couldn’t resist not eating all of the delicious food that awaited us at once the sun set. After the sun set, we set up a giant fire with massive barks of wood and sang songs and then we went to our tents to sleep. If anyone was caught sleeping inside the house during this time, their names were written down and they had to eat breakfast after everyone else. Overall, it was one of my favorite outdoor visits growing up.

However, not all trips have been so smooth sailing. One time we went white water rafting with our neighbors and my sister and I nearly died because she got stuck in a waterfall and I almost hit my head on a rock. I am going to use my new knowledge to avoid any danger that may come my way and have a safe trip while enjoying myself in the springtime with those I care about.

Past Experiences with Birthdays

With today being Friday, April 12th, I am having a joint birthday party with my friends Chloe and Panchu. Chloe’s birthday is the 12th, Panchu’s birthday is the 13th, and mine is the following day on the 14th. We are having it at my cousin’s house on Grove Ave. and I am very excited to have a fun weekend with all of my friends for the first time in a long time. This will be my first birthday away from home and I am happy that I can spend it with people that I care about. Although it seems as if I have no worries about how it will go, I am always very anxious when it comes to my birthday for various reasons. Plenty of times throughout my childhood have things taken a toll for the worse when my birthday comes.

I feel as if on my birthday, I am the moist prone to wanting attention from everyone else even though that is not who I really am. The day usually starts off with me waking up and going downstairs to be welcomed by a variety of things to eat for breakfast. My family congratulates me on another year, we talk about happy things and then after about an hour, everything goes back to just the way it was. Several hours pass by and then I meet up with my family again and we go out to lunch and repeat what just transpired in the morning. I usually talk to some of my friends throughout the day and we all try and plan something, but they end up having work and can only talk for a few brief minutes. After the day has past with some events going on, dinner is typically the most interesting part of the day. We all enjoy ourselves with expensive food that we would not have bought any other day of the year and I get to indulge myself in a Carvel ice cream cake. Eating this cake is my favorite tradition, as both my dad and I really like the flavors and have incorporated it into our birthday routines.

So the long day ends up passing and it appears to have gone just fine right? Wrong. I still feel the constant need for others to check up on me for the special day and I go to sleep feeling like something was missing. Hopefully I can outgrow this narcissistic feeling and enjoy myself around thoseĀ  care about away from my family in an environment entirely on my own.

Transitioning into Sophomore Year

My goal ever since I have left my house to go to college has been for me to gain as much experience in a plethora of areas to shape me into a better human. I feel as if growing up, I did many of the same things each year and barely got to experience the many different things to do around where I live. It was not until my senior year of high school where I became comfortable with real friends and people that knew I was important to them and actually had a place in their lives. With my freshman year of college wrapping up, I am very curious to see how I can recreate this magic that made me so happy senior year in a new environment in my sophomore year.

Things truly will be different next year. No more dorms, close proximity, and constant social pressure. People will be able to stay on top of their classes much more due to this and I believe that it has a huge benefit to all of our lives. Of course, we will still all be able to hang out with each other, but it will be much less than before and have a stronger meaning knowing that we can still enjoy each other’s company even without seeing each other every single day of the week. I see some of the same people every single day of the week and I think I need some fresh faces in my life.

I plan on joining a fraternity with one of my friends from high school in the Fall 2019 semester. I will also be taking 18 credits, the hardest semester of my Electrical Engineering degree. I understand my workload will be insane and that I will be very busy, but I am ready for the challenge. I am prepared for so many things to be done and to be involved with people who care about me and not be in my dorm as much as I was during my freshman year. My biggest challenge growing up was how to “fit in” not necessarily with everyone, but even with my own friends. I have always been learning how to make myself feel appreciated and involved even though it might not be the healthiest thing to do. However, I have learned how to be myself even more than previous years, and it has given me the confidence to go out and make myself the best person that I can be.

The Race For Glory

All my life I have grown up around various sports such as basketball, soccer, football, and hockey. My dad and I are extremely invested in watching these sports live together and keeping up with the media surrounding players, trades, and signings that occur throughout the season. With my birthday being April 14th, the NBA Playoffs begin around this time and this season holds not as much certainty for who will win the title compared to previous years. The teams from the East are the Bucks, Raptors, Sixers, Pacers, Celtics, Nets, Pistons, and Magic. The teams from the West are the Warriors, Nuggets, Rockets, Trail Blazers, Jazz, Spurs, Clippers, and Thunder.

This season has seen the rise in the Milwaukee Bucks, as just last night they clinched the best record in the NBA as well as the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. They have added lots of depth and help to assist arguably the best player in the world, Giannis Antetokounmpo. I am excited to see how far they go in the playoffs after being a first round exit last year. The Raptors, Sixers, and Celtics have also added pieces to their teams which give them a great chance to pose a threat in the playoffs, but not as much as the Bucks can. I am very interested to see how many games the lower seeds can take from the higher seeds, and if one of them can even snatch a series as a surprise. The East is not as weak as it used to be, and this year will be full of entertainment for all eight teams.

The West, however, seems to be favoring the Warriors to roll through the playoffs and into the Finals for the fifth year in a row. I do agree that they will make it back again, but there are far more challenges that await them this playoffs compared to last. The Rockets are hungry, seeking revenge after losing a heartbreaking Game 7 at home in the Western Conference Finals and I know for sure they want the Warriors in that position once again. The Nuggets have far exceeded our expectations this season, rising to the 2nd seed after just missing the playoffs last season in the final game of the regular season. They remain a sleeper team and I would love to see them in the Finals this year. Other teams such as the Thunder, Blazers, Jazz, and Clippers are hungry too but their journeys will be much more difficult to handle.

My Finals prediction is Raptors vs Warriors, Raptors in 7 games, for their first title in NBA History. Lots of fun awaits, and it is just getting started.