Nature Trips

On Tuesday, April 15th, I am going to a cabin with my friends in Shenandoah and I am hoping that it is going to be a blast. I am planning to go to my classes on this day before we leave at 5:30 pm that evening. We have everything that we could want for this trip: family, friends, food, good weather, and the whole place to ourselves. We should arrive at our destination around 8 pm, where we will be greeted by our friend’s family and stay up and take lots of pictures around the area that we are staying in. I am not too scared of nature as I have been on many camping trips and late night outdoor events in the past, so this only furthers my excitement.

My own family used to know this group of people and we loved going to their house to camp on the weekends. Their house was located in West Virginia and it was one of the most open spots for me to play in as a kid. We entered through a muddy river, in our old red Ford Expedition, one of the only cars that was suitable for the job, and once we got inside it was so astonishing to my eyes. There was about 30 acres of just grassland and a lone house sat top the property, overlooking the scene for a breathtaking moment. My father and I used to set up our favorite games such as Spikeball, Kan Jam, and Volleyball to make our days so busy that we couldn’t resist not eating all of the delicious food that awaited us at once the sun set. After the sun set, we set up a giant fire with massive barks of wood and sang songs and then we went to our tents to sleep. If anyone was caught sleeping inside the house during this time, their names were written down and they had to eat breakfast after everyone else. Overall, it was one of my favorite outdoor visits growing up.

However, not all trips have been so smooth sailing. One time we went white water rafting with our neighbors and my sister and I nearly died because she got stuck in a waterfall and I almost hit my head on a rock. I am going to use my new knowledge to avoid any danger that may come my way and have a safe trip while enjoying myself in the springtime with those I care about.

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  1. This sounds like such a good time! I love being outdoors and going adventuring! My family loves camping and hiking, so I have been doing it for a long time. But having a log cabin in the mountains TO YOURSELF with your FRIENDS sounds like a really really good/lit time. I hope you have a great time! The Shenandoah mountains are beautiful! I go hiking there often in the fall, especially Old Rag Mountain.

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