The Responsibility of a House

Today, my friends and I put forth our payments towards our house for our sophomore years in college. We met with our realtor around 2:30 today and he provided us with the information on how to manage over the property. It is really exciting to finally be able to call this house our own and he have lots of ideas in store on how to decorate it to make it the right fit for us. It has four bedrooms and two bathrooms so no one of us has to share a bedroom in the house. Three bedrooms are on the upper floor while one is located right by the front door. Since Thomas and I both went and toured the house, we get the two better bedrooms which consist of the one downstairs and the one on the upper level that faces towards the street. The only knack on this house is that in order of get to one of the bedrooms on the upper level, you must go through another bedroom. That decision will be made up between our two other friends, Panchu and Dennis, who were too lazy to come tour the house with us.

The move in date for the house is relatively close on July 1st and we basically get a free first month’s rent from the place. There is a very nice backyard with enough parking space for two of our cars and our neighbors seem to be cooperative as well. This is our first real experience of living on our own: paying for rent and utilities by the month. Sure, anyone can get up for class and do their homework, but they have no real world expenses to pay or worry about for every month that passes. Thomas and I both have lots of responsibility in us and we feel like we will be able to manage paying rent on a piece of property successfully. Panchu and Dennis are more carefree but they will have to cooperate with us in order to make this work for the four of us.

I want to be just like my parents and this is a great opportunity to develop the skills I need to do so. My dad emphasized work and responsibility growing up, but he wants me to enjoy myself, after all the work is completed. Paying the bills for this house in addition to the quiet space compared to a dorm will allow for me to get my work done quickly while having plenty more time to do what I want.

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