The Last Hoorah

Well, here it is. My final blog post for UNIV 112. I want to make this post all about what it means to write down your thoughts into a meaningful, well-constructed paper for not only an audience to read, but for yourself to read as well. I have always been someone who creates lots of scenarios in my head about any random thing as the day goes on. These scenarios could range from fantasy, politics, relationships, etc. and they always seem to make me think outside the box compared to my peers. I believe that having this abstract thinking is what makes me want to write about whatever comes to my mind while actually enjoying it as opposed to those who write solely for assignment. I have talked about nearly everything that came to my mind throughout the semester and I have received very cooperative and positive comments that make my peers divulge into my posts and actually take an interest to them.

I really appreciate the format that these blogs were constructed in. Going on the Course Site and seeing a new variety of posts every hour allows for fresh content to be brought to our eyes as well as giving us the ability to comment about something different each time. I truly admire Professor Galligan for giving us this layout not only as an interesting assignment, but the ability for us to connect with each other across all of his classes. Completing each of these blogs has allowed me to feel at ease when I write and not have to worry about what others will think of my writing. In high school, timed writings were done side-by-side and when the grades returned, everybody wanted to compare with each other on how we all did. Immense stress was put on us for embarrassment sake and we each wanted to impress our peers with the best writing. I am glad that is no longer the case and that we can write about whatever comes to mind in a free environment.

I truly believe that I am only scratching the surface of my writing and that I will be able to do well on a majority of higher level college assignments with how much I have progressed this semester. I hope that more students feel this way and want to continue their own paths towards becoming better writers even if it is not their strongest intention. Best of luck to everyone else on their own journeys and keep the motivation strong.

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