Music Streaming vs. Music Piracy


This summer we were tasked with an inquiry assignment that we worked on throughout the semester. The objective of this assignment was to pick a topic that related to new media and make the argument how new media has impacted that subject. In the beginning, I bounced around trying to discover a topic that interested me only to find out the topic had been right in front of my face the entire time. I enjoy listening to music while I do pretty much everything, just as most of us do. Recently, I decided to try out Spotify and see what all it had to offer since I had heard of so many other people using it. After I used it I realized how resourceful it was as a music library, all for free, unless I decide to sign up for the premium service. This got me curious and I decided to research if anyone else viewed music streaming services such as Spotify to be effective in reducing music piracy just as I do. After completing my research this semester I came to the conclusion that music streaming is having an impact on music piracy to an extent, however, more research is needed to really determine the direct link between music streaming and the drop in music piracy of late. The details and findings of my research can be read online if you click here or the link below.

My Inquiry Project – Facebook Helping Businesses Grow

My Inquiry Project discusses the benefits that the cell phone industry experiences by using Facebook as their main source of advertising. I discuss several methods that Facebook uses to make their advertisement experience the best on the market. This included their large user audience, their advanced targeting algorithms and a proven increase in revenue for their sponsored companies. To find my whole piece heres the link.

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