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Commercials: In todays society I think that due to new media and the digital world commercials and advertisement has had a major effect on societies desires and outlook on life. Due to the constant bombardment of commercials that we have to deal with on the daily we are force fed several notions by corporate companies. Don’t have the newest television that curves? Your Unhappy and need to buy our product. Don’t have perfect skin? Your Unhappy and need to buy our product. Don’t pay a super low price for your cell phone coverage? Your unhappy and need to buy our product. And the list goes on and on. Now do you the extensive use of social media from society its easier for companies to feed us these ideas and visuals to make us think that we need to buy the latest and greatest to be happy.


Self Image: This topic in particular I feel has been affected greatly by new media. I feel that ever since media has developed the idea of the “selfie”, self image has gone down the toilet. Society has become so obsessed with putting the best selves on social media websites for the world to see so they can get feedback. Because of this there is now a certain standard to be set whenever you see your online persona on the web. You feel dissatisfied if you don’t get enough likes or comments and you feel that its because you didn’t look your best that day and thus the bad feeling start to kick in. It also doesn’t help that commercials for make up companies and clothing lines always portray “beautiful” people to advertise there products making people feel the need to look exactly like them.  There have been attempts to counter this effect by companies such as Dove, who’s natural beauty campaign aired on youtube as advertisements and on television as commercials. The idea was to show people that there self image was much beautiful than their own idea of what they looked like.



Sexual Orientation: How to television shows and the news portray sexual orientation in society? How does the public view sexual orientation through twitter or Facebook? Which orientation is getting more publicity?

Apple: How much does Apple advertise through new media? How much is credited to Apple for the widespread popularity of using social media? Do people see IPhone’s as a must have? And why?

Selfies: How is the music industry promoting selfies? How does the public view the necessity of the selfie? When did the rage of selfie taking become viral through media?

Revival of vintage/”hipster” style: What is the media doing to cause this revival? How to stores like Urban Outfitters and Pac sun advertise their “hipster” apparel?

Marijuana: What is the digital identity of pot? Is it being heavily criticized or supported since its legalization in some states? How are people reacting to it through media and other websites?

Chipotle: What does Chipotles online persona look like? How much advertisement through the web does Chipotle take part in? Do fast food places in general use social media to advertise to customers and if so how often?

Raves: How is the rave culture portrayed online and through media? Is it associated with “rave drugs”? Does the news talk badly about raves because of the supposed drug culture involved?

Dreams/Nightmares: How do online sights interpret dreams? Do people regularly share dreams or nightmares they have through media? Do people turn to media when they don’t understand a dream or nightmare? What is said about this topic online?

Opportunities for Artist: How are Artist portrayed through media? Does artwork receive praise or ridicule? What do people say about artists through social networking?

Commercials: How much advertisement is done through social media? How much money is put into commercial making? How big is the commercial industry?

Naps: How are naps viewed online? Is there importance even mentioned? How do advertisement companies portray the idea napping through media?

Human Trafficking: How is this topic addressed online? What precautions are told (if any) on sights where its vital? How does the public see this problem through the web?

Europe Economy: How is this dilemma being advertised by new media outlets? Is it making a difference in repairing the economy?

Aliens: How is the idea of extra terrestrial life portrayed through media? Has it been able to cause people to believe? Or the exact opposite? Does the government supply any information on line to the public surrounding this topic?

Rape: What is the view point of this topic from the web? Does social media have a role in getting help to rape victims? What is said on the web about this?

Binge Drinking: Does social media have a role in promoting binge drinking? What is said on the web to help prevent this situation? Do other countries promote this topic differently?

Hazing: What is said online about this topic? Does social media help to end this problem/expose it when it happens?  How is hazing portrayed online to help prevent it?

Self Image: What to people think about before putting an image of themselves on social media? What does media do to help/worsen this topic is the eyes of viewers? Does the idea of the “selfie” make people view themselves harshly?

Bermuda Triangle: What do people say about this topic online? What are some conspiracies that are spread through media? Is the infamous nature of this topic credited to the web/media?

Government Conspiracy Theories: What theories are spread through the use of media? Does media contribute to the spread of false theories? Does the new media outlets help to exposing new conspiracies leaked by the government?



Habits: Biting Nails, Drugs, Smoking, Television, Shopping, working out/exercising, eating, picking up change, saying thank-you, saying your welcome, sneezing into your arm, oversleeping, junk food, brushing teeth, being organized, having oatmeal every morning more breakfast, shaving.


Trends: Pop Music, Miley Cyrus, high waisted shorts, crop tops, flower crowns, “hipster” style, yoga pants, leggings, Uggs, Vineyard Vines, Maxi skirts,  Fault in Our Stars, Teen Novels, Vampires, One-Direction, Zombies, Apple (IPhones), Instagram, Snap chat, Selfies, Twerking, Twitter.


Gender: Pink/Blue, Male, Female, Transexual, Masculine, Feminine, sexual orientation, sexual harassment, unequal pay, feminist, protests, gender studies, anatomy, specific bathrooms, politics, babies, marriage


Controversies: Marijuana, abortion, drinking age, lethal injection, death penalty, seat belts, health care, gay marriage, welfare, the president, politics, standardized tests, education, study drugs, involvement in the middle east, Russia and the Ukraine


Places or Spaces: Greece, the pool, the studio, Chipotle, Panera, home, bed, bathroom, movie theater, music festival, concerts, Italy, studio, Hawaii, the beach, NYC, the slums, the White House, DC, Georgetown, Kitchen, Locker room


Fears: Spiders, snakes, needles, roller coasters, airplanes, public speaking, slimy things, traveling, getting in trouble, disappointment, scary movies, the dark, dreams, car crashes, driving in the snow, going back to high school, falling in love


Art: Photography, Film, Movies, Cinematography, controversy, colors, pallet, Van Gogh, starving, not many opportunities, expensive, graphic design, commercials, being different, ouching boundaries, causing arguments, creating reactions.


Goals: Get married, learn to long board, learn to watercolor paint, do a painting, be more athletic, get an internship, stand out in my field, make parents proud, get back in the pool, pick  up the cello again, eat more healthy, make good grades in college, sell an art piece, do more photo shoots, built a sculpture… or two.



Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 6.06.53 PM


Based off these two screen shots I have come to come conclusions about the ways that I like to think and do research on the computer. I think that when I am confronted of a topic that I need to learn more about I search for it efficiently and test out the waters only a few times before picking a source that I deem to be appropriate and helpful. I see that based off my search history I do this for academic purposes as well as my own personal interests. I suppose that this can either mean that Im lazy or just very good about finding information on the web.




In the “As We May Think” article written by Vannevar Bush there is a particular “nugget”, or passage that stood out to me, that I would like to talk about. Heres the nugget below:

“Certainly progress in photography is not going to stop. Faster material and lenses, more automatic cameras, finer-grained sensitive compounds to allow an extension of the minicamera idea, are all imminent. Let us project this trend ahead to a logical, if not inevitable, outcome. The camera hound of the future wears on his forehead a lump a little larger than a walnut. It takes pictures 3 millimeters square, later to be projected or enlarged, which after all involves only a factor of 10 beyond present practice. The lens is of universal focus, down to any distance accommodated by the unaided eye, simply because it is of short focal length. There is a built-in photocell on the walnut such as we now have on at least one camera, which automatically adjusts exposure for a wide range of illumination. There is film in the walnut for a hundred exposures, and the spring for operating its shutter and shifting its film is wound once for all when the film clip is inserted. It produces its result in full color. It may well be stereoscopic, and record with two spaced glass eyes, for striking improvements in stereoscopic technique are just around the corner.”


This passage goes into discussion about the future developments of photography. As a photography major this topic has grabbed my attention. The art of photography has developed more than any other medium of art in the past century or so. In the beginning it was a renowned art form that only the rich and privileged could afford and could only be practiced by the skilled and worthy. Over the years new inventions were made that would make the photo process easier all leading up to the pocket cameras built in to cell phones that everyone caries on there person almost 24/7. This passage brings back the idea I’ve had to learn through my experiences as a photographer that in order to keep up the thrill and wonder of photography I have to make my work leave people wondering How?



Reading Vannevar Bush’s, “As We May Think” has given me some food for thought about how to describe the way that I think. Bush goes on and on about different devices old and new and how they work to savor moments in our lives. For me, my thought process is in part like binder filled with photos and little handwritten notes under each picture telling the date time and location. I can remember a place by its appearance and a person by the way they look. When I begin to think back on an old friend or a vacation I once took I feel like I can remember a key image and the rest of the information is recalled short important phrases. Whenever I find myself going through this process I find myself either biting my lower lip, my thumb, or just stomping around until the gears in my head finally deliver the information I’m looking for. It feels like this pressure that begins in my head and increases the closer I get to the thought I’m searching for and once the thought makes it out of my noggin and onto paper or out of my mouth the pressure is relieved and I feel at ease.


Whenever I work on an art project and start to get into my zone I begin to think while I work.  Lets say I’m going out to the woods with a friend to do a photo shoot. Ill begin by taking the initial shot that i planned and sketched out and then several new shots and poses start to flash before my eyes. Its almost like a montage of photographs that I haven’t taken yet and before I know it one photograph turns into hundreds. I would say that the top image best describes my thought process during a photo shoot



These two images are essentially what I feel like when Im thinking regularly like I discussed in my top paragraph.



First ACTUAL post

Hello to all who may be reading this blog. My name is MJ Minutoli, aspiring photography major, lover of movies and the color red. This is my first post for the class Univ 200 and I suppose Im as ready as Ill ever be for this class to start so I say.. Let it begin.

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