Because Clauses and Signal Phrase Activity

Using what you learned in the pages you read from the Elements of Argument and the Examples of Because Clauses Written By My Prior Students: create a blog post in which you do the following:

Step I:

1. Write your main claim ending with the word “because”

2. Write 3-5 because clauses. Remember, each because clause is an answer to your research question.

Step II:

Choose three quotes from three different sources for your inquiry project. You can use the passages you explored in your research nuggets if you want.  Copy and paste each passage into your blog.

  1. Introduce each quote with a signal phrase and vary your signal phrase verbs
  2. Include a correct MLA or APA in-text citation. Use Purdue OWL to look up how to cite the source.
  3. Insert links to the source in the signal phrase and throughout the passage anywhere that is needed.

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