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Associative Trails Concept Experience

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My history shows that after reading the essay and picking a paragraph that drew the most attention, I decided to read a little bit more about Gottfried Leibnitz to understand him and his calculation machine mentioned in the essay. It reminded me of an article I found on via Reddit that talked about NASA’s new design for a warp drive spaceship. I then thought to myself, what other technologies are we just now scratching the surface of that I find intriguing. I’m majoring in Computer Science and have loved computers since I was a young kid messing with old computer parts at my grand fathers house, so the naturally the first thing that came to mind was Quantum Computers. The screenshot of my history maps out my google search for a picture to put in my last  Nugget. I’ve never really given my browsing history much attention before, so it’s neat to track my footprints and relive my thought process in those moments. The one thing that surprised me most, is how I didn’t get too side tracked. I’m typically all over the place when I’m surfing the web; often briefly forgetting what it was I hopped on the Internet for. I can see the connections between my thought feeling metaphor which led to me thinking of Quantum Computers. Like I said before, normally the “blank” thoughts would be me getting side tracked, but this time I stayed on track and forming my thoughts right away.