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Curate and Relfect

In an overview of my participation in concept experience #4, I tired to stay involved in the twitter conversations as best as possible, and did find some things that were helpful to my research. Now I have to narrow some of the stuff I found because I think it might broaden to much and move away from my main research question. I also want to apologize because this whole week I was late on my assignments and spent the whole week just trying to catch up to the best of my ability. I was out of town and had very limited time and Wi-Fi to do anything online. But finally I’m back and I’m almost caught up at the end of the week more or less.

At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to find people that are conducting a inquiry proposal that was similar to mine but after awhile of looking up inquiry proposals, I found quite a bit of information that could proof very useful in my hunt for a good research inquiry paper. These tweets and many others attracted my attention because of the particular ways that they could be integrated in my inquiry paper, and also for the many other views that my research question can be done in. For example the science of self-image can explain exactly how and why the NSA reacted the way they did since Snowden’s vital and infamous leaks. These three individuals have increased my interest in my very own research question for my inquiry project. Through their very own inquiry proposals,  I’m able to take a step back and see the multiple approaches that my research topic could take, and see a good variety of material that my inquiry paper can have. This experience although very new to me, was a creative way in making students collaborate together and keep an open mind on the sort of material that they could have in their inquiry papers, my hats off to thoughtvector, very clever.

Me and other course members could definitely use this to collaborate information by putting up useful links on twitter. Then if an item of interest is worth looking into then diigo would be incorporated in the tweets and lead the researcher to a particular diigo page and go into the details there. That’s why I think we should all make an effort to provide, helpful links, detailed # and @ to narrow done tweet search and make it easier, and most importantly also link diigo pages on tweets as necessary.

And finally since unfortunately I’m terribly late on this assignment I wasn’t able to have anyone reply to my tweets in time for me to turn in this assignment today. But I did have some helpful comments from my inquiry project blog. These comments were of people that presented, interest in my inquiry proposal, some new suggestion to try to add into my inquiry project, some critical helpful feedback on my presentation of inquiry proposal to the judges and other aspects of my inquiry project, encouragement, some causations, and finally similarity to their own project(s). The people that commented were Justin, braxtondn, Maryam Kaymanesh, Max, frisketmcbisket, and Symone.

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