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Brainstorming for Inquiry Project

Umbrella Categories  

-Habits: Sexual addiction, marijuana addiction, drug addiction, alcoholism, relationships, familial influences,  traveling the world, youtube watching, eating out rather than eating in

-Trends:  Clothing, hairstyles, technology, cybersecurity, social media, wealth, poverty, cyber shopping, resources (how much do we really need?), unemployment, surviving in a bipolar world

-Gender: Sexuality, prostitution, friends with benefits, cultural differences, incest, relationships, how women are depicted by males, transgender, bisexualism, homosexualism, physical features, weight, body types, equal opportunity in the job world

-Controversies: War in Iraq, war in Afghanistan, War on Terrorism, Rape Culture, capitalism, poverty and how to solve it, NBA PlayOffs refereeing, FIFA World Cup: Poverty and the Games, UAE and Dubai and how thousands of South Asian social and construction workers are dying from heat and horrible situations, Weapons of Mass Destruction, KONY, Human Trafficking, Sexual Presentation of Women, Malaysia Flight Still Missing

-Places or Spaces: India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Russia, Chechens, Space, Deep Underwater, Bermuda Triangle, Pirates off Yemen, Oil Spaces, Dubai

-Fears: Being unsuccessful, not living up to family name, spiders, kicked out of college, being unemployed, horoscopes, drunk driving accidents, divorce, being cheated on, vulnerability of identity theft, robbery, terrorism

-Sports: FIFA, NBA, NFL, CBA, D-League, Sports Health, Majors of Potential Athletes Entering Professional Sports World, Professional Athletes who are Busts, ESPN, Lebron James and the Miami Heat, High IQ’d Spurs, 2003 NBA Draft Class, Shaka Smart

-Terrorism: Boko Haram, Al-Queda, Cyber Security, Navy Seals, Training for Combat, Desert Storm, Black Hawk Down, WW2, War on Terrorism, Government Conspiracy Theories, Road to 9/11, FBI NSA and CIA: Are they actually spying on us?, Racism