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Computer Lib/ Dream Machine Nugget

Computer Lib/ Dream Machine by Ted Nelson has definitely been my favorite essay to read. I think it was really imaginative and creative especially with the inclusion of the little illustrations.

Perhaps this was the author’s intention since creativity was one of the themes of his piece. The nugget I chose was the following:

“What’s worse, we are confronted not merely with the job of
using computers to present specific things. The greater task
is to design overall computer media that will last us into a
more intelligent future. Adrift in a sea of ignorance and
confusion, it is nevertheless our duty to try to create a whole
transportation system that everybody can climb aboard. For
the long run, fantic systems must be treated not as custom
systems for explicit purposes, but as OVERALL GENERAL
CATCH ON, otherwise collapse and perish.”

This nugget caught my eye because the header to this paragraph was “New Media to Last”.  I found this section connected well to the other essays we’ve read as well as our entire unit.

What I believe Nelson is describing is as our society continues to create new media it should be accessible to everyone. A type of media that can improve our intelligence collectively, not only one specific group.  Both Licklider’s “Man-Computer Symbiosis” and Engelbart’s “Augmenting Human Intellect” had similar ideas of how to improve upon the intellect of the human race through technology. I saw connections to our class because not only are  we focusing on new media, we’re using it constantly in many different forms. When Nelson says, “DESIGNS WHICH WILL HAVE TO TIE TOGETHER AND CATCH ON”, it makes me think of all the different media sites we’re using that we connect and tie together. Whether it’s linking different pages together or sharing information with each other, we are tying together these forms of media.