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“The prescience of Kay and Goldberg’s vision was such that almost all the specific ideas for the uses of notebook computing developed in the group that Kay directed at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) proved to be worthwhile. The broader idea-that the notebook computer would be a general-purpose device, with educators and businesspeople and poets all using the same type of Dynabook-has also held true. The Dynabook vision came about because Kay, Goldberg, and others in their Learning Research Group at Xerox PARC considered the computer from a radically different perspective. (This approach may be the central maneuver in new media’s otherwise varied methodology.) While most saw the computer as a tool for engineers or, at most, businesspeople, Kay thought computers could be used even by children, and could be used creatively.”

This nugget from Personal Dynamic Media, by Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg helps illustrate the core central theme of this literature. And I believe that the central core theme of this literature is that redeveloping and redesigning the personal computer has indeed transformed our lives and made daily tasks accessible, and affordable to many consumers. As said in the nugget, even the new media approach that this course has been so tightly intertwined around has changed because of the creation of Dynabook. This so called notebook computer has not only been accessible to adults only but also to children in a simplified and convenient way for them to operate. It is even later stated that the Dynabook idea has been amongst the “most influential and prescient” ideas of the past thirty years. The Dynabook is a personalized easy to use system that may have in fact lead up to other inventions like the iPad, iPod, iPhone, and laptop. People of virtually all ages can access new media content at the comfort of their laps while sitting on a rather comfortable couch. The Dnyabook has the capability for completing all information-based tasks it’s owner give it and conducts problem-solving as well. The Dynabook has been truly one of the most innovative, creative and one of the most influential invention that has been created that effects so much of our lives. Truly if one puts enough thought into an idea, that idea can overcome any obstacle and perform wonders for society, and this a perfect example of why inventor of the world need to be incentivized more.

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