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Progress Report/Research Reflection

As the week comes to a close and I look back at the research I’ve found I’m more sure that my topic will have something to do with video games. Now I’m so sure about whether or not I will do something on a specific game, maybe something about video games in general, or maybe I will do something on gender in video games like I mentioned in a previous post

With all the talk of technological growth going around like in Brooke’s blog post on the man-computer symbiosis, another topic comes to mind where I could do something on where video games have come from to where they are now in terms of growth. While looking at what other classmates are researching Braxtondn’s blog post for the reflective concept made me thing about myself and why I would choose a topic on video games. In short I enjoy playing games and would like to know if maybe there’s another aspect of gaming that I could find and make me enjoy playing them more.

While doing the assignments for the week and reading other people’s posts on the same readings. It was a cool to see how many people took it in so many different directions. Like Maryam’s blog post on the interest inventory assignment and how we all found different things to say about the same starting word. As next week starts I know I need to decide on a more narrow topic as soon as possible to keep up with everyone else.