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Inquiry Project Proposal

How has the presentation of police brutality in the media changed over time and how have newer forms of technology shed more light on this issue?

1. Police brutality is a relevant issue not only in one state or one country, but a worldwide problem.

There have been many clashes between law enforcement and citizens of countries abroad in recent news. Many people of countries holding protests find themselves being attacked by police.

Even now, people protesting the World Cup in Brazil are being met with violence.

While some protests can become wild, police can sometimes be seen meeting protesters with aggression, many times looking to cause harm.

2. With new technology and the growth of new media,  the way police brutality is being viewed and handled is changing.

Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr and various other social media sites are reporting cases of violent police and sharing them rapidly all over the Internet. But even when videocameras were still becoming popular, videos of brutality were being created and were able to be used in court cases against the accused cops.

3. I personally think it would be interesting to research the connection between the media coverage of brutality and race. I think this issue goes pretty deep and I’d really like to see what I can find pertaining to it.

Obviously, there has been immense hostility, hatred and aggression towards African Americans in America’s past and the brutality of law enforcement during the 50s and 60s can be seen in many different photos taken during that time. civil-rights-dog-photo

I think there are still many instances today where race and class have played a role in police brutality and how or if it is covered by the media.

Inquiry Project Proposal

Gender Clothing Differences:

The fact that the clothing of the characters differs at all should be a cause for concern. With no real reason to do this the industry helps to create stereotypes of the male and female characters, where the females are wear skimpy armor while the males wear full body armor. These differences lead to other stereotypes where the females bodies are all well proportioned/perfect as well as the males. These stereotypes lead to the industry bordering on sexist and most gamers simply accept it without a care.

Gaming’s new focus:

These scenes are from a recently released game known as Conception 2: Children of Seven Stars. While the game is about defeating monsters with your party the over the top transformations of the female heroines helps to build up some of the stereotypical images that games are beginning to be known for. The females either have extremely well developed bodies or underdeveloped bodies there is no middle ground, no “normal” character. These types of transformation are becoming more abundant in the role playing game genre and creating many stereotypes that are not necessary. Not only that but the clothing difference between the male and the females is also here as well.

Industry Growth:

With the growth of the gaming industry its no wonder we see so many different types of games out there. Almost everyone plays games in a way or another with so much available  technology. With the increase in players we need to make sure that we don’t instill within them these stereotypical body images.

My Research Question:

For these reasons I want to look at: How does the difference in male and female armor create gender stereotypes within video games? For here I can focus on the transformations of characters in their armor as well as armor from a variety of games, but I will focus on games in the Role Playing Games(RPG) genre.