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Interest Inventory in Relation to Mass Media

Listed below are 20 topics that can potentially be used to see how they compare to mass media:


Poverty: How is poverty in third world countries compared to first world? How far is someone willing to go to eradicate Poverty? What kind of conditions do impoverished countries’ governments operate? How does conflict raise poverty? Can education lead to the eradication of poverty?

War: Do religious militants fear nothing until they reach their goals? How are kids brainwashed from a young age and then potentially become martyrs to earn money for their families? How can any kinds of war solve any issues? Do only the dead see the end of war?

Workers Rights in Brazil: How is the situation ruining the country with FIFA World Cup being played there now?


Space Exploration:  Major space missions are at an all time low, what is the next step to space exploration?

Technology Advancement: How can the quick rise of technology potentially harm us, and be a negative influence to the future?

Student Loans: How can there be a way to reduce the interest rates so students don’t have to worry about financial burdens to receive an education? Lower interest rates to Wall Street Interest Rates especially with media stating high student debt?

Racism in America: Our racist culture still hasn’t died out, what steps are being taking to further the prevention of any slurs?

FIFA World Cup: How has the world cup ruined infrastructures in host countries with the media portraying some of the incidents?

Living in Outer Space: Are we around the corner or do we still have a long way to go? Is media influencing we stay on Earth?

Intelligence Community: Should we be more careful about what we post on instagram especially since the Patriot Act, CIA, NSA, and FBI are going crazy and stalking people and tapping phones for potential terrorism?

School: Are classes leaning towards grasping technology and education kids or still sticking with old school methods with books and chalk boards?

Sleeping: Use of media to portray various kinds of beds, as well as trying to enable people to buy sleeping pills and see doctors for any kinds of diseases?

HairStyles; Does the way you style your hair affect how you look in facebook, instagram, and other social media networks?

Dress Styles: Is it necessary to maintain that high level of classiness as seen by GQ online and characters in TV shows?

Jobs: How TV and online websites help people get a job so they can  work? Promotion of working?

Pregnancy: Can we take another baby boom as as media says because our economy is unstable we can potentially have another crash?

Vacations: How does media portray some vacation spots than to others? How do companies promote their ideals through media to attract customers?

Poor self image: social media and other types of media like advertisement  in the USA that leads to this.

Sandy Hook Shooting: news that captured the event and the public’s response to it on social media.

Medicare and Medicaid: Does ObamaCare change the way that these two operate and how does the media portray the use of both in today’s society?

Electrical public transportation: digital layouts of routes that electrical public transportations take.