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My Research Strategy

1. What is your research question? This should be revised since your inquiry proposal and should begin with HOW or WHY or maybe WHAT?  Be as specific as you can. Underline the key concepts (the most important words or phrases).

How does the NSA incorporate their domestic surveillance by using their PRISM surveillance program on Google searches?

** Please note: Underlining isn’t an option on this blog so I just Italicized the RQ and the bolded words are the key concepts.**


 2.   List the key concepts you underlined in #1. After each key concept, put a colon and write the  related words or synonyms. Don’t forget to use OR for related words and concepts.

For example:
This is a weak topic because it’s so common and there’s little new to say about it, BUT since it was used in the video, I use it here for your convenience. YOUR topics are, of course, WAY better!

Euthanasia: euthenize OR mercy killing OR Assisted Suicide

Ethical: ethics OR morals OR conduct

Write your own answers here:

NSA: national security OR counterintelligence OR intelligence OR snoop OR tap OR breach of security

Domestic surveillance: superintendence OR stewardship OR prevention of disasters OR homeland security

PRISM surveillance: top secret operations OR secrecy OR data mining OR collecting information OR NSA operation OR data patterns

Google searches: Google search engine OR popular searches OR search patterns OR software corporations OR NSA-Google agreement


3. Take a look at the concepts and related phrases you listed in Number 2. In the space below, use the asterisk (*) to truncate search terms as appropriate.

*secret operations


*collecting data


*data usage

*security agreements