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My Because Clause

My main claim is as follows…

Binge-watching is psychologically and physically detrimental to viewers because…

1. Watching multiple episodes of television series takes people through emotional highs and lows, leaving viewers emotionally taxed.

2. Binge-watching reinforces the trend of instant-gratification which is already pervasive within society.

3. Binge-viewing is highly likely to develop into an addiction, making TV shows and movies like drugs that companies can peddle to viewers.

4. A sedentary lifestyle, as one that comes from binge-watching, leads to health complications and a quicker death.


According to Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez (2014), Chair of the Department of Public Health at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain, viewing television and movies is a major sedentary activity and signs show an increasing trend toward all sedentary activities (American Heart Association).

Robert Thompson (2014), the Director of the Bleier Center for Television & Popular Culture at Syracuse University, stated that binge-viewing is such a pleasurable experience that one is left physically sad when the binge is complete.

In an article by Shape Magazine, Robert F. Potter (2014), Director of the Institute for Communication Research at Indiana University, said that the constantly shifting patterns of light and sound produced by visual media is nearly impossible for the mind to ignore.