Concept Experience #3: Augmenting Human Intellect

Concept Experience #3

Note: You must read and complete “How To Use Diigo” before beginning this assignment. That page will show you how to do the things I ask you to do below. You must also post your real, full name and Diigo username on this Google Doc HERE.

Now that you have read about augmenting human intellect, it’s time to start augmenting your own. This week’s concept experience has three goals:

  1. To provide an opportunity to consciously augment your intellect through use of Diigo
  2. To help you do some introductory research about your inquiry topic so you can narrow your topic and pose a good research question.
  3. To prepare you for the inquiry proposal due at the end of this week

Before you Begin:  Log in to Diigo and click on “My Diigo Groups” in the menu at the top. On the top right, you will see a search bar for groups. Search for and join ThoughtVectors2014.

Step One: Find a substantive article that is related to your topic. Choose one that will help expand your thinking about your topic and help you to develop a strong research question. Don’t choose the first or shortest article you find.

Step Two: In Diigo, 1) save the article, 2) tag it appropriately, and 3) annotate it. You should highlight important passages and use at least 5 sticky notes (that contain your own notes, paraphrases, etc) per article.  Tagging is very important in Diigo. Use tags that other people might use when searching for content on the topic of the article.

Don’t forget to share your article with the group: ThoughtVectors2014. If you don’t share, the public and your class (nor your teacher) can see it.  If I can’t see it, I won’t know you did it.

That’s it!

Do this for at least 5 articles. You may choose articles from the web and from the library databases. Please do not choose  Wikipedia because we already did that last week, and please do not select any short, non-informative, cursory sources–no “wikihow”  or “” sources.

Ultimately, students from many sections of UNIV 200 will be joining this group and will be sharing sources for the inquiry projects.



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