A note about deadlines: EACH DATE INDICATES THE DATE WORK IS DUE. WORK DUE ON A SPECIFIC DATE MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 11:59 p.m. EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME. If you are taking this course from afar, be sure to check your own time zone to ensure that you submit work by “11:59 p.m. EDT”–not your own time, if that time is different.


OVER THE WEEKEND: Read Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg, “Personal Dynamic Media” (pdf download). Continue research for research nugget assignments.

Tentative Due Dates for Important Assignments Below.


July 28: Revise Inquiry Project;

July 29:

  • Read The Art of the Link and apply this to your final project
  • For help with writing an introduction and conclusion (the type you should use for an academic argument), take a look at Intros & Conclusions (from The Craft of Research)
  • If you would like to participate in a final peer workshop to get feedback to improve your project, please email me by today at noon to let me know. Send a link to your final project (hosted wherever you plan to host it) in that email, and I will reply shortly after with groups based on who contacts me. This is a great opportunity to get feedback on the multimedia elements of your project. Remember, the multimedia is a big part of your project (and your grade).
  • Final day to meet with Writing Center.




A note about synchronous (same-place, same-time) events vs. asynchronous events: although most of the course is asynchronous–participation will happen at various times, loosely organized by days–there will be some special synchronous events, mostly live Google Hangouts streamed to the web. They are noted below. If you cannot make a synchronous event, don’t worry: there will be an archived version you can watch later. There will be possibilities for real-time interaction during the synchronous event–for example, asking questions of a guest speaker–that won’t be available when you view the archived version, but either way there will be plenty of opportunities to make use of the material and to interact around it.

A Note about the RIGOR in this Course: This is a digital engagement pilot that includes work that must be completed daily through the eight-weeks of the course. Because this course is designed to be an immersive experience, students cannot jump ahead and complete assignments in great advance of their due dates. As we keep telling you, this is NOT a typical course! Here’s the truth in a nutshell: there is a lot of work, as this a summer school course that is writing-intensive, but we have worked hard to create an engaging and rewarding experience for you. We hope you will enjoy this learning experience and take every opportunity to achieve, excel and impress yourself by your own intellect and creativity!

Changes to the schedule: I will revise and update this daily schedule frequently throughout the course of the semester. There will be no last minute surprises, but I will adjust the schedule based on the needs of the class and provide details for assignments as we go.


June 10: The Course Begins; SYNCHRONOUS EVENT: Live Google+ Hangout with all six professors. We hope to see you there! Instructions coming… ASSIGNMENTS (due tonight by 11:59pm):

June 11: Blog post making nugget from “As We May Think” as meaningful as possible.  Do “associative trails” concept experience Read the assignment for BOTH of these activities HERE.

June 12: Read at least 10 of your classmates’ nugget posts and leave a substantive and thoughtful comment on at least 5. Complete blog post on Associative Trails Concept Experience. Also, begin Brainstorming for Inquiry Project (due this Friday, June 13; please note that I modified this assignment and emailed you about it, so if you already read it, please note it no longer involves collaborative work.)

June 13: Read 10 Associative Trails blog posts and choose 5 on which to thoughtfully comment.  “Brainstorming for Inquiry Project” due on your blog by 11:59pm.

OVER THE WEEKEND: Read J. C. R. Licklider, “Man-Computer Symbiosis,” and choose a nugget you’ll work with.  Work on Progress Report/Reflective Writing (posted in Assignments & Experiences–>Week One. This assignment will appear on Friday, June 13 at 11:59pm.)

WEEK TWO June 16:

  • Nugget Assignment #2 from “Man-Computer Symbiosis”
  • “Progress Report/Reflective Writing” Due (this is the assignment I asked you to work on over the weekend which can be found under Assignment & Experiences–>Week One)

June 17:

  • Do the nugget post again, revising it with links to at least five classmates’ nugget posts from June 16. (Get in the habit of linking out to other blog posts, including your own, frequently and robustly.)

June 18:

June 19:

June 20:

OVER THE WEEKEND (a big one!): Read at least these excerpts from Doug Engelbart, “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework”:

  • Chapter I, “Introduction,” parts A (“General”) and B (“Objective of the Study”)
  • Chapter II, “Conceptual Framework,” parts A (“General”) and B (“The Basic Perspective”)
  • Chapter III, “Examples and Discussion,” part A (“Background”) sections 2 (“Comments Related To Bush’s Article” and 3 (“Some Possibilities with Cards and Relatively Simple Equipment”)
  • Nothing from Chapter IV
  • Chapter V, “Summary” (all)
  • Chapter VI, “Conclusions” (all)

You should also watch some or all of “The Mother Of All Demos.” There’s a nice set of highlights made by SRI International that’s great as an overview.


June 23:

June 24:

June 25:

June 26:  Concept Experience DUE ; Work on Inquiry Project Proposal

June 27: Inquiry Project Proposal Due



OVER THE WEEKEND: The workload increases next week, so review the schedule and budget your time over the weekend. Here is the link to our reading for this week: Computer Lib/ Dream Machine, by Ted Nelson.

June 30:

  • Comment on at least 5 Inquiry Project Proposals from students in your own section (006) and 5 from students in any other section. Please provide praise and critical feedback. Help one another to narrow your topics and write focused research questions. Topics and questions must be researchable. If you think a topic sounds too broad or un-researchable or you have an interesting way to more clearly write a research question, PLEASE share your thoughts with that person. Critical feedback is required here.
    • All students wrote proposals, but assignments vary in different sections.
    • You can find links to all the other sections at the top of thoughtvectors.net  and once on a section page, you can find the blogs for all those students on the side of the page just like you see them in our class.
    • If you would like to read each other’s comments or my comments, feel free to use THIS SITE that I use to see your commenting each week. Yes, I can see exactly how much you are commenting:)
  • Nugget Assignment  for Computer Lib/Dream Machine . You already know how to do this assignment. Review the rubric to improve your grades.
  • Types of Sources: Watch THIS VIDEO and be prepared to use this information for the rest of the semester. (Please note that although the video says that your assignment is to summarize a peer-reviewed article and present it to the class, that is not really your assignment:) HERE is another place to learn about types of sources.
  • Click HERE to learn to explore the VCU Library so that you can find quality sources for your project.  Carefully read the content in ALL FOUR LINKS and watch the videos. Then, complete the short assignment called My Research Strategy. (You will need to review the links to complete the assignment. This is important because you will need to understand this stuff in order to succeed in this course and in many of your future classes.)
  • Explore Twitter, Facebook & Documentation Styles to find out how to choose between MLA or APA and learn where to find citation information online. CHOOSE MLA OR APA TODAY.
  • Read and begin Research Nuggets #1 Assignment (due July 2)

July 1

  • Comment on at least 5 nugget posts from Computer Lib/Dream Machine
  • Continue Research Nuggets #1 Assignment
  • Concept Experience #4 begins TODAY (This is a three-day assignment and one day builds on the next. Thus, be sure to stay on top of the due dates.)
  • Provide honest and critical feedback to at least 3 others who tweet their proposals

July 2

  • Research Nuggets #1 Due
  • Continue Concept Experience #4

July 3

  • Revised Proposal Due based on feedback
  • Complete Concept Experience #4 (Final Blog Post called “Curate and Reflect” is due tonight)

July 4: Happy Fourth of July!


July 7:  Work on Research Nugget Assignment Due Tomorrow: Be sure to do the following for this assignment:

  • review my feedback to you on your research nugget one assignment
  • use PURDUE OWL for your citations
  • When you state the author’s claim in your own words, you are stating his/her argument–not just the topic
  • Use at least one scholarly source
  • SYNTHESIZE–this last step is the most important step!

HERE is a link to Understanding Types of Sources

July 8: Research Nuggets #2 Due Today 

July 9: SYNCHRONOUS EVENT: Google Hangout with VCU Librarians: Live at 1pm–you will learn to use the VCU library to find ALL kinds of sources–including scholarly sources–and you will be able to ask the librarians questions to help with your own research.

We will send you a link to attend.

If you cannot attend this session at 1pm, you need to watch the recording by July 10.

July 10: Concept Experience 5 due

July 11: Research Nuggets #3 Due  AND Reflective Writing for Concept Experience 5 (It’s okay with me if you turn in the reflective writing this weekend–anytime before Sunday at 11:59 is just fine:)

WEEK SIX: Completing your Research and Synthesizing Your Sources

REMINDER: You must visit The Writing Center (in person or online) by July 29. Make your appointment for whenever is convenient now! They will email me a summary of your appointment after you complete it.

Monday, July 14: Nugget #6 Due on Personal Dynamic Media; Read the rest of the daily schedule for weeks 6, 7 and 8 and consider the tentative due dates so you can plan your time accordingly.

Tuesday, July 15:

Wednesday, July 16:

Thursday, July 17: Work on Synthesis Matrix due tomorrow

Friday, July 18Synthesis Matrix Due Today

OVER THE WEEKEND: Work on Draft One on your Inquiry Project; Read Claim, Reason, Evidence Formula for Writing Good Argumentative Paragraphs and apply this in your draft

Don’t forget to visit the Writing Center at least one time by July 29!

Monday, July 21:

  • Read Example of Subclaim“and note the important principles of argument we have been discussing

Tuesday, July 22: Work on Draft

Wednesday, July 23: Draft Due Today

  • This is a completed draft of your entire project.  My expectation is that you will have completed several drafts of this project before submitting it to your peers and me for feedback. You should re-read the entire inquiry assignment to be sure you understand all the requirements, details and opportunities for creativity.  Don’t forget you must use at least 8 sources that are scholarly and substantive–a minimum of 3 sources must be scholarly.
  • Directions for Submitting Draft:  Please write your draft (or copy and paste your draft into) a Google Doc. At the top right corner of the Google Doc, click SHARE. Then click CHANGE and change the settings to say “Anyone with the link.” Click SAVE.
  • Then, create a blog post called “Draft of Inquiry Project” and copy and paste the link to the Google Doc there.
  • (It is VERY important that you submit this by 11:59pm tonight, as your peers have only 48 hours to provide you with feedback. Do not be late on this extremely important assignment please.)

Thursday, July 24: Peer group assigned early this morning via email. Provide extensive and in-depth critical feedback to peer group. More directions to come.

Friday, July 25: Peer Feedback on Draft Due

Over the Weekend: REVISE, REVISE, REVISE

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