Twitter, Facebook & Documentation Styles

When you SHARE a post on Facebook or RETWEET it on Twitter, the system automatically provides a type of citation. Indeed, it is set up to provide credit to the original creator of the post.

For example, when I share a post on Facebook, it automatically reposts the original post before providing me an opportunity to comment on it. See this example below:

Screenshot 2014-06-27 12.47.44

The same is true on Twitter when you RETWEET a post.

Screenshot 2014-06-27 12.51.43

We are naturally inclined to give credit where credit it is due. When we don’t, however, we are stealing. In academia, we call that type of stealing plagiarism, and you need to avoid plagiarism at all costs.

In UNIV 200, you must cite ALL sources using ONE consistent documentation style. First, you need to decide if MLA or APA is right for you and your project. Whichever you choose, you must use all semester.

My advice is to use the documentation style you will need in your major. This is an opportunity to learn this style, whereas once you get into your major, you will be required to already know it. If you have not selected a major yet, you should use the style that is closest to the area you may want to study or that which is appropriate for the topic about which you are writing.

Deciding Between MLA and APA:

  • Students in English, Music and Theater courses are usually asked to follow the MLA style guidelines.
  • Students in the sciences, social sciences like Psychology or Sociology, Education, Mass Communications and other research fields are usually asked to follow the APA style guidelines.

As you can see, most disciplines use APA.

Again, I encourage you to write in the style that you will need to know for your major. If you aren’t sure what style your major uses, ask one of your teachers–or just ask me:)

Since we did not require you to purchase a documentation book for this course, you should use THE PURDUE OWL WEBSITE to site your sources.

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