Nugget Assignment #2: Man-Computer Symbiosis

Directions for Nugget Assignments:

Find a “nugget” and make it meaningful in your response to it.  We explain how to make a nugget meaningful in the syllabus, but for your convenience, I reiterate and explain it a little more here.

Your response to the nugget should be relevant and robust.  Review the rubric for the nugget assignments that I am using to grade them.

  • What is a nugget?  A passage from the reading,  ranging from a couple sentences to one paragraph in length, that grabs your attention in some way.  It could be a passage that puzzles you, or intrigues you, or resonates strongly with you. It could be a passage that you disagree with or that challenges your thinking in a new way.  The idea here is that the passage evokes some kind of strong response in you, one that makes you want to work with the passage to make it just as meaningful as possible. A nugget elicits a light bulb in your mind.
  • How to make it meaningful?  This is your challenge.  You’ll probably start by copying the nugget into your post. From there, consider hyperlinks, illustrations, video clips, animated gifs, screenshots, social media links, and any other tools of the internet. Make the experience as rich and interesting as you can. The experience of making the nugget “meaningful” will likely require quite a bit of internet browsing and exploration.

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