Revised Proposal

After careful consideration and review of the feedback you received from your peers, open participants and instructor, revise your pitch to the panel of judges. However, rather that writing up the proposal, you should create a video (2 – 3 minutes) in which you pitch your proposal for funding to the panel of judges.

You must convince the panel that your research is sustainable and that you are truly interested in your topic and research question. Your formal, revised research question should be clearly stated in the pitch.

Although you will submit only the video to your blog (no writing), you will need to write out what you will say before recording in order to plan and practice.  In your final proposal video, you  should sound natural, enthusiastic and passionate.

Do NOT read to the judges.

To feature your video in your blog:

    • Upload your video to youtube (or wherever you want)
    • Paste the URL for your video into the text box in your blog
    • Do NOT create a link with the URL (or it won’t work)
    • Be SURE that your video in youtube is NOT set to private. This last step is SUPER IMPORTANT!

Your video MUST be embedded in your blog. No links!


Pitches will receive one of the following evaluations from the head judge:

    1. We Will Fund This Project!  Great Work! ( A or B)
    2. We Might Fund This, But Not Yet And Here Is What You Should Do ( C)
    3. We Will NOT Fund This Project And Here Is Why (D or F)

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