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Inquiry Project Proposal

Security versus privacy is a very important issue and is taken seriously by many governmental officials and Americans alike. This issue effects many Americans today and has also been discussed over and over again ever since the September 9, 2001 and remains to be so, even now.

Recently in the news the NSA (National Security Agency) has brought up this issue even more, with the help of the leaked powerpoint that explained everything, Edward Snowden had soon to the news. He worked for the NSA at an outpost in Japan and now is trying to avoid incarceration by the USA government.  According to the reports, the NSA used a top secret program, code named PRISM to spy on domestic USA citizens and in the process, many believe that it has broken some laws and amendments along the way. It is mainly believed that the NSA authorized this spying campaign on domestic USA citizens without the consent of the secret federal court, which presides over all surveillance and security agencies in the USA.

Now our goal here as responsible and concerned USA citizens is to see; how does the NSA incorporate their domestic surveillance by using their PRISM surveillance program on google searches. We are citizens of the United States of America and we deserve our rights and answers to from this dilemma. America after all is ultimately a Union made by the people, and for the people.