A Note about Grades for Weeks #5, #6 and #7

Your grades are updated weekly on Blackboard. I have waited to assess Weeks #5 and #6 assignments together, since these two weeks have been devoted almost exclusively to the research and writing process.

To recap:

Week #5 assignments and point values were:  Research Nuggets #4 (20) Research Nuggets #5 (20) Research Nuggets #6 (20) Concept #5 (20) and Ebsco Screen Shot Assignment (20)

If your Research Nuggets were poorly developed, or if you did not work to synthesize your new research with previous research, you may have lost points.  If your Ebsco assignment included only a few search term attempts, this also was a problem.

Week #6 assignments and point values were:  Alan Kay Nugget (10) Research Nuggets #7 (20),  Concept #6 (20),  Research Trends Visual (20), Partial Draft (30).

Major problems this week were missing assignments (especially Nuggets #7 and Alan Kay work), as well as lack of careful work on Concept #6 (not following some of the weak hyperlinks so that you can articulate these problems).  Missing Partial Drafts resulted in the largest point deduction for the week.  Please work this week to complete your BETA draft due Thursday.

o_decdb02842c2732671145c8d8ae4d1d9Upcoming Week #7:  Real Estate Post (10), Working on Voice Post (10), BETA draft (80).   As you can see, you will be heavily penalized for not drafting.  Write write write!!!

PS: Drafts don’t have to be perfect or even good, they just have to be done.  The purpose of getting a first draft “out there” is to have a starting place for conversations about how to rethink, revise, and make your draft better!  This project can’t be done well in one all-nighter (I promise).  Drafting gives you a chance to experiment and try new things, and then get feedback about how your choices are working.

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