Associative Trails Concept Experience

Associative Trails Concept Experience

Review your browser history screenshot after completing the Nugget Assignment.   The browser history captures a trail of the associations you made during your internet work as you developed your Nugget Assignment.  The trail captured in your browser history could be unwieldy and unfocused, and this is okay.  It is also likely that your screenshot may include internet sites you visited before you sat down to do the Nugget Assignment, and this is okay too.  What’s important is that the screenshot is an artifact, a kind of map, that illustrates  your creative thought processes as you think and work online.

In this blog post, first insert your screenshot as an image in your post so that your readers can see your browser history.   Then reflect on your associative trails experience as it is captured in your screenshot.  What does this trail say about your thought processes?  Was there anything surprising in this trail?  How does the browser history help you make meaning of your creative process?   Think back to your Thinking Portrait (Blog Post #1).  What intersections can you see between the metaphor you used to describe your thinking and the associative trails in your browser history?

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