Groupthink: Collaborative Interest Inventory

Collaborative Interest Inventory

This work will be completed in Google Docs.  See document here.

Use the list of “umbrella” categories below for a starting point for a class brainstorming session on potential Inquiry Project topics. Beside each topic, brainstorm a list of words or phrases that come to mind when you think about what you know and what you might want to know about each category (questions, references, links, memories, related topics, anything relevant).

Try to think about the umbrella topic through the lens of digital media – but don’t censor any ideas you have, even if they are not digital media related. (Most every topic can be linked, in some way, to digital media). Maybe, for example, for the “trends” topic you think about the trend of eating kale – which seems unrelated to digital media. You should list “eating kale” beside “trends” and move on. Another student can add to that idea by writing: How have digital media platforms helped change eating habits (or have they?). Someone else may add: I’ve checked out Kale on Pinterest – hundreds of recipes. That person’s interest in Pinterest prompts her to write: How has Pinterest contributed to keeping food preparation in the female sphere of domestic labor? Someone else may ask: Why don’t men use Pinterest? It’s really okay (and awesome) if the prompts lead you to whole new associative trails. That’s the beauty of collective brainstorming!

After writing down at least 3 – 5 ideas, questions, etc. for each umbrella topic below, you should add 2 new umbrella categories to the bottom of the list, and brainstorm about these new categories just like you did for those that I assigned. This way, every student gets to push out a broad idea he/she would like the class to brainstorm about.

Early posters will get more responses on the 2 categories he/she posts, since all of following students in class will have to brainstorm about these new posts too. So if you are the first student, and you want to add “Vampire Movies” to the umbrella categories, everyone who consults the document after you must brainstorm about Vampire Movies.

I expect the document to get full and messy. : )

Important: Highlight and change the color of your text to any unused color.   In the key at the top of the document, add your name and text color. This is for grading purposes! : )

Original Umbrella Categories  (Everyone adds two more to the list):




Places or Spaces


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