Inquiry Project Proposal #2: Thoughts on Design

A few words first:  It’s week #2 of your research.  This week you used your Research Nugget Blog Posts to make connections between your sources, and to extrapolate meaning and articulate emerging pieces of answers to your Research Question.  You are scratching along — in the messy part of the research process (the books are piled on the table, the paint is all mixed up on the palate, your knees ache from bending over and panning for “gold,” your kitchen is a mess!) (Okay, I’m just trying to extend the metaphors here).

For your Inquiry Project Proposal #2, do some online research to find some other researched articles found online on websites or in blog posts.  Browse to find out how interesting, engaging, SMART pieces of writing LOOK when they are published online, using digital media (not paper and computer ink).

Here are two examples a colleague has found.  They are much more ambitious and far longer than your projects will be.  I post them as models for DESIGN only (or mostly).  I say “mostly” because looking at how these texts are written — the tone, the voice of the writer, the easy integration of research — serve as models also.  So read a few paragraphs ( at least ) of each.  Again, the LENGTH is not important here — just the visual DESIGN and textual VOICE of the writer.

These are not the end-all models for design of your project.  In fact, they may not appeal to you at all.  I would like to hear about your early imaginings, ideas, and internet browsings about how you will design your final project.

Core components the Inquiry Project must have:

Thoroughly researched, with support from high-quality evidence

Well-reasoned and well -written

Purposefully written to and for the Web and an online audience

Creative use  of a range of Web components for composition: multimedia, hypertext, images,

A significant narrative component (I will discuss this in upcoming weeks)

A minimum word count (The typical Univ 200 course word count is 3500 words.  I am not a fan of “word counts,” but there will be a minimum length required to pass the assignment).

All of these components can be met with any number of design ideas.

Your Inquiry Project Proposal Draft #2: Thoughts on Design should include:

Your imagined most awesome final project visual design  Let your imagination run wild.  You may not know HOW to make this imagined design come true, but I’d like to hear your best, most creative imaginings.

At least 1 model of interesting DESIGN you found online.  If you can  find two, please share both!!  Share the link and write about what appeals to you in this visual design.

At least 1 model of interesting WRITING VOICE you found online.  Share the link and write about what appeals to you about this writer’s VOICE.

Any other musings on the DESIGN of your Inquiry Project.



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