Revised Research Nugget Assignment

Revised Research Nugget Assignment: Effective Immediately July 6, 2014

Research Nugget Posts #3, #4, #5, #6

Each post will focus on one new article that you have located through your research.  At least 3 of the next 8 articles you read should be scholarly sources.

For each article you read:

1) provide an APA citation for the article

2)  provide a live, working link to the article.

3) Provide a one to two paragraph summary, in your own words, of the articles main claims or findings.

4)  Pull out a minimum of two KEY nuggets from the article.  Your nuggets should be highly relevant to the main claims/findings of the article.  Each should be a long paragraph or two short paragraphs in length.   A nugget that just raises questions or gives a quick statistic on how many people use Facebook is not a very useful nugget.   The nugget you choose to highlight indicates how well you understand the article’s findings as they relate to your research question.

5) “Unpack” each nugget by commenting and analyzing the nugget in relation to the entire argument the writer makes in the text. Unlike your previous nugget assignments, do not reflect on other things the nuggets make you think about, or make personal connections with the nuggets.  At this point, you need to demonstrate that you understand the new ideas presented in the nugget, especially as they help you piece together an answer to your research question.

6)   As you”unpack” the nugget, or after providing some commentary on it, synthesize this new writer’s ideas with a previous researcher’s claims or findings.   Using connecting phrases.  For example: Unlike Jones,  Smith is more concerned about how internet surveillance affects private citizen’s medical records..

Your job is to make connections and demonstrate how each new researcher’s claims differ from your previous researchers’ claims.  Obviously your new researcher will intersect or conflict with one or more of your previous readings, and you should point out how the writers’ ideas intersect or conflict.  This synthesis is the most important part of your work as a researcher.  If you do not attempt to grapple with how writer’s ideas overlap, conflict or build upon one another, your nugget post is incomplete.

Finally, while we have used the word “nugget” to identify key passages, you should not refer to the passages as nuggets in your post.   Please refer to your writers by their last name, and be clear when you articulate ideas which writer they belong to.   For example: Smith argues that the government’s surveillance policies are too lax because…   My concern after reading Smith’s argument is that ….

Model of Revised Research Nugget has been sent to you via VCU email. See the student model attached to my email dated July 6, titled “Revision to Research Nugget Posts” which demonstrates the format your new Research Nugget Posts should take next week. In the ATTACHED document in this email, I include the student’s research nugget posts and my commentary to instruct you about the strengths of this post.

Do not start your Research Nugget #3 without reading this email attachment!




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