Weekly Blog Post 5

I think that intelligence and creativity are greatly correlated. Students who are seen as intelligent early on are usually encouraged to be more creative than normal. I was advanced as a student, and I was given more opportunities to explore my creativity. For book projects we were not made to write paper reports, we could create movies or songs to show we knew the concepts. I really enjoyed trying new things, but I can see how others who were not in advanced classes were made to stick to the SOLs and regular ways to show what they’d learned. I think that by encouraging more creativity, the multiple intelligences children have would be able to be shown and would become more prominent. Children are smart in their own ways and in different ways, and as we as teachers need to learn to embrace them and help cater to all types of intelligences. 

Most of the creativity and intelligence are found in the fine arts SOLs. Those standards prove that children need more intelligence than just the standard educational or textbook.

Final Art Project Update 1

For my final art project, I will be learning how to embroider and will make a detailed pillow for the final product. I have always wanted to learn how to embroider, and this project gave me a great amount of time and a goal to work towards.

For this first update, I tried a few different stitches I found online to start learning. I used backstitch, running stitch, split stitch, french knot, and stem stitch. I am just starting out, getting my bearings, before I can move onto patterns or creating my own. I just tried to make some things that used many different stitches.