Week 3 Blog Post

In class, we used the song-writing activity to learn withthroughand about the arts.


 to the songs previous classes had made, we were learning with the arts. The subject matter was introduced in a way so that we could learn. 


We used the information we already had, such as what carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores ate, and used that knowledge to improve out learning by combining it with memorable songs. We were able to showcase what we knew through the songs we wrote. I think this way of learning the arts was most used in this activity since the bulk of what we did was putting our knowledge to songs.


The songs our class and the previous class wrote helped to teach us either new information or information we had forgotten. Specifically, I couldn’t quite remember how cups, quarts, pints, and gallons fit into each other, and the song created by one of the groups to “La Cucaracha” retaught that to me in a way I won’t be able to forget. I’ll always remember the information along with the memorable song.

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  1. As a future educator, I would love to use songs in the majority of my lessons! It encourages students to get be more active as well as retain information better. If you make a class fun, students are willing to learn and participate more. I love the song that you and your group created, it will be easier for children to learn the differences between being an omnivore, carnivore, and a herbivore.

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