Week 14 Blog Post

Song: The Soundmaker by Rodrigo y Gabriela

a. Spanish guitar is the main instrument, with maybe some drums in the background. The song is passionate and powerful, with strength and excitement. It makes my heart beat faster listening to it. The album cover is red and black, the colors of passion, and I can almost see red paint being splashed on a black canvas when I hear it. The thrumming guitar is the major emotion-evoking aspect.

b. The swells and crests of the music are so strong and make me feel so many emotions.  It is a thrilling song.

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  1. Mia, I also heard the spanish guitar being the most prominent instrument in your piece and I felt that the piece of music has a voice and makes me more energetic just like my piece of music did. I can imagine some type of picture in my head that is very colorful and very captivating. Our pieces of music were similar in the fact that they were both energetic and passionate; the way they differ is the main instruments being played throughout the songs.

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