Final Art Project Update 3

For my 3rd update, I have still been learning more embroidery techniques. I wanted to expand my skills, so I have used some lace leggings that I cut for fabric to try some new stitches on a darker background.

I did end up deciding that for the final project, I would be turning a pair of jeans into embroidered and distressed shorts. I bought these for $3 on sale, and have distressed pairs of jeans before. I am excited to make these jeans my own!

Final Art Project Update 2

My embroidery is coming along very well. I am learning new stitches, as well as new ways to play with color. I am most excited to do some abstract things with texture and color. Ombre is something I am working on.

I think for my final project, instead of a pillowcase, I will add some embroidery to a piece of clothing, like jeans, a top, or a jacket. I think I will get much more use out of it that way.

Final Art Project Update 1

For my final art project, I will be learning how to embroider and will make a detailed pillow for the final product. I have always wanted to learn how to embroider, and this project gave me a great amount of time and a goal to work towards.

For this first update, I tried a few different stitches I found online to start learning. I used backstitch, running stitch, split stitch, french knot, and stem stitch. I am just starting out, getting my bearings, before I can move onto patterns or creating my own. I just tried to make some things that used many different stitches.