TEDU 510 Section 002 Spring 2019

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Week 15: New Technology Final

Partner: Justin Baber
Timed Link:https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vSA2CwSUQ09KNoaE-j-gdDvlB8GvcE2A31OxgAf5f8j4yqN9JWOBq7qRHBwiD1QGwZOxFwfz238QVYn/pub?start=true&loop=false&delayms=15000
Public Non-times Presentation:¬†https://docs…

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Comment on week 10 by alecsysb

I like the idea of having the students create their own flipgrid, it is very expressive! Showing them a flipgrid presentation first will eliminate any questions they may have had. It seems like you are aware of what the students may be confused on and …

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Week 10

Content: 3.5 Students will read and demonstrate comprehension of fictional text and poetry. Given a classroom twitter (teacher facilitated) based around fictional text and poetry,…

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Week 8

Excel Spreadsheet for SOL Assessment
Document of Rubrics for the Song and Recall of the SOL Obj. 4.7
tedu 510

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Comment on by alecsysb

Emily! This was a great interactive lesson that can be utilized in an elementary school classroom. The video was short and to the point while staying very informative, making the quiz easier to take. The quiz could have had a few more questions, or eve…

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Week 6

https://classroom.google.com/u/1/c/MzA2NzQ5MTkwNzJa/a/MzA2NzQ5MTkwNzha/details Technology  Students will utilize their laptops by watching a brief informational video to answer a follow up riddle worksheet. Students can also conduct further…

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