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week 15 final project

Timed presentation
Regular presentation:

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week 13

I think the biggest challenges that teachers face/will face with computer science is accessibility. It would be wonderful if every school had the same amount and kind of technology but that is not reality. It may be hard to implement some of these standards without some of the technology. I also think it would be […]

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week 12 blog

My first activity is a word sort that the students can drag the listed word into the correct category. This is substitution because the students will be dragging the words instead of writing the words or drawing lines. My second activity is a drag and drop labeling for the water cycle which could also be […]

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Week 10 Blog

Objective: The students will be able to find and analyze weather reports from chosen locations, given the use of their twitter findings and be prepared to share the report with 90% accuracy. Content: VA sol 2.6 The student will investigate and understand basic types, changes, and patterns of weather. Key concepts include a) temperature, wind, […]

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Comment on Weekly Blog 7 by dallasstevens

Hi Sam!

I really loved the game, it was super cute. My only suggestion to better your assignment is to make a separate discussion post by making a ‘question’. If they leave a comment in the way it is set up now, it’s just a private comment that only you can see so they’re not able to discuss with each other.

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Week 7

CLASS CODE: 1I2I0VO https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/MzA3ODYxMTk4NjNa 4.3 The student will investigate and understand the characteristics of electricity. Key concepts include a) conductors and insulators; b) basic circuits; c) static electricity; d) the ability of electrical energy to be transformed into light and motion, and to produce heat; e) simple electromagnets and magnetism; and f) historical contributions in […]

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Comment on Da’Zha Hairston – Week 6 Blog Post by dallasstevens

I really liked this assignment. It is similar to our traditional assignments that you see in elementary schools. If this was an assignment I could use in my class, I would use this as a precursor to what we would be going over next and using the quiz as a preassessment. Like maybe assigning this as homework the night before we fully dive into The Water Cycle on the next day. Well done 🙂

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Week 6 blog

Class code: 1i2i0vo https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/MzA3ODYxMTk4NjNa SOL 5.5 The student will investigate and understand that organisms are made of one or more cells and have distinguishing characteristics that play a vital role in the organism’s ability to survive and thrive in its environment. Key concepts include a) basic cell structures and functions; b) classification of organisms using […]

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Week 5 making activity

SOL 2.8 The student will distinguish between the use of barter and the use of money in the exchange for goods and services.


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