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Final Project

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Week 13 Blog Post

Virginia Computer Science Standards and Code.org both have goals of giving students the best education and benefits. However, Virginia Computer Science Standards are more guidelines to follow and areas for teachers to touch base on and Code.org is similar but… Continue Reading →

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Week 12 Blog Post

Activity 1: For the first activity students have to put the correct order of butterfly life cycle. A substitution for this can be printing out pictures of life cycles and having the students rearrange them to meet the correct order…. Continue Reading →

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Week 11 Blog Post

Google Site: https://sites.google.com/view/510planets/home SOL: Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change 4.7 The student will investigate and understand the organization of the solar system. Key concepts include a) The planets in the solar system; b) The order of the planets in the solar… Continue Reading →

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Comment on week 10 by nikimal7

This lesson is really neat and the assessment that goes along with it is a cool and fun way for the students to portray what they learned and also give you a chance to see if they are understanding the material.

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Week 10 Blog Post

SOL: 1.2 The student will describe the stories of American leaders and their contributions to our country, with emphasis on George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Carver, and Eleanor Roosevelt.   Learning outcome: Students will be placed into… Continue Reading →

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Comment on Steps for Building PLN by nikimal7

Step 6 is content curation which involves reading/listening to blogs or videos and/or browsing through twitter and other social medias. After reading/browsing you can choose a couple of facts and/quotes that stuck out to you and post them on your blog …

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Comment on Week 7 Blog by nikimal7

I thought the Horton video was neat to put things in perspective. When I was younger I was told the saying, “My Very Enthusiastic Mother Just Served Us Nachos” to remember the order of the planets.
This was a good activity for learning about the solar system. I think including the interactive virtual tour was a great idea because 4th graders will really enjoy doing that!

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Week 7 Blog Post

SOL 4.3 The student will investigate and understand the characteristics of electricity. Key concepts include e) simple electromagnets and magnetism; Objective: Given a video and interactive activity, the students will be able to identify what objects a magnet will attract… Continue Reading →

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