Week 13

I noticed quite a few different overlaps between the Virginia computer science standards and the goals/recourses on code.org, they both focus on expanding different ways the child can learn. They both focus on getting students familiar with technology so they can use it to enhance their learning and ways to learn. They both also overlap with how they both integrate technology into other content areas such as math science, and language arts. Challenges I feel like I may run into when I start teaching and have to integrate the computer science standards are not having the materials I need to teach it. I will be working with Richmond city for at least the first five years of my teaching career and the technology recourses that are available to other counties such as Henrico are not available (or easily available) to Richmond City school/teachers. Also, being not the most tech savvy person myself I fear that I may run into having to tech or use technology I am not familiar with.  Although, I can see how technology really can get your kids engaged and excited. Just like when we were doing the in class coding maze with the Spheros, everyone was cheering laughing and just having a great time but most importantly everyone of 100% engaged in the lesson and what we were doing.


For my first activity I used substitution, instead of students just being given a worksheet to fill out about the parts of the plant, they would be able to get online and drag and drop the name and definition of the plant with fun fonts to get them more engaged in the assignment.

For my second activity I used Augmentation, I used google slides to paste pictures of the different continents and write their name, the student would be able to go on and place the continents in their correct spot on the map and then drag the correct name on top.

For my third activity I used substitution, My students would be able to go online and label the different layers of the earth, kids get more excited when they get to do anything online so they would get more out of this than a worksheet.

Week 10

4.6 The student will investigate and understand how weather conditions and phenomena occur  and can be predicted. Key concepts include

  • a)  weather phenomena;
    b)  weather measurements and meteorological tools; and
  • c)  use of weather measurements and weather phenomena to make weather predictions.


Technology – Video, Flipgrid

Pedagogy- Watch different meteorologist and based off their knowledge to predict the future weather.

Content- 4.6 The student will investigate and understand how weather conditions and phenomena occur and can be predicted. Key concepts include

  • a)  weather phenomena;
    b)  weather measurements and meteorological tools; and
  • c)  use of weather measurements and weather phenomena to make weather predictions.


Assessment- final product, flipgrid


The students will use their prediction skills to make a weather report video and post it to flipgrid each student in the group will have to present a day that they predicted


Week 8

Google Classroom code: ygcgsv- Complete Goods and Service quiz

Google SpreadSheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uBSDpdYJIoe7EkemZDjNW8inDDHK_2CquotQBf42QZE/edit?usp=sharing

My experience in developing the assessment was I realized the ideas are pretty endless with what you can create for assessments and that makes it pretty difficult to come up with how you want to assess your students. I also realized it is good to start with a formative assessment, so you have an idea of were your students are with understanding the information, rather then never doing a formative and finishing the whole lesson to give your summative and realize your students did not understand the lesson. Then you have to redo the entire lesson rather then figuring that during the lesson and fixing it. For completing the assignment I realized just like a kid when you think something is just really easy and speed through it, you will make mistakes even when you know the answers. This is exactly what I did when completing my assessment and got two wrong from moving too quick and not double checking my work.

Week 7

Plant Structure – 4.4 The student will investigate and understand basic plant anatomy and life processes. Key concepts include a) the structures of typical plants and the function of each structure


  • Students will be able to label and identify the different parts of a plant and their functions given an interactive online drag and drop worksheet, getting at least 3 out of the 4 parts of the plant and their function correct.


TCK- In this lesson the technology is the key element, without it there would be no lesson.  The YouTube video the students are to start with will help get them excited about the material and give them a chatty tone to remember the information. Then we also needed technology to be able to create the assessment which was a drag and drop document we created through PowerPoint and we also needed PowerPoint to create the slideshow to give them a more in-depth understanding of the topic


PCK- Even though this is an online lesson we still 100% need to know how we are going to teach it. We knew we wanted to start by giving them a fun visual to get their attention, then we knew we also wanted to make sure they were getting the information so included a slide show of the information for them to review however works best for them and then we didn’t want them to get bored when doing the quiz so we knew we wanted to make it interactive. We created a document that they would be able to drag and drop making it slightly more fun than just answering questions. We wanted to create a document that would have different piece of the plant and they would have to construct the plant their selves but we couldn’t quite figure that out yet.


Classroom code: 11qn7y

Week 6: Google Classroom Lesson

For our lesson, we did the water cycle. Content is understanding the different parts of the water cycle and how they all work together to create the water cycle. So, understanding Evaporation, Condensation, Perception and Transpiration.

Pedagogy: Would be teaching with visuals being the video and catchy song and then checking with written assessment.

Technology would be the online videos

TCK in this lesson is very important because the students really need the technology aspect in this lesson because there would never be any in person discussion or lessons. So, the students having the videos to watch as many times as they need plays a huge part into my pedagogy because I cannot teach them face to face.

PCK is also very very important for online lessons because you have to be able to teach to multiply types of students all from the same online lesson. So I included a video that shows the words on the screen and gives a detailed definition; along with the video of the song that explains the order of the water cycle and its purpose. I know some kids would learn better why watching the video and seeing the word and hearing the definition and some students would get it down better from a song they could easily memorize and then could go back and watch the video to get a better understanding before taking the quiz.


Code: m40klh

Week 5

Geography- 2.4:understanding the relationship between the environment and the culture of the Powhatan, Lakota and Pueblo Indians

  • Students will create Native American communities by printing off teepees, longhouses and Pueblos and gluing them to poster board and then decorating the poster with what was important to each tribe in their environment and culture.
  • T- 3D printed teepees, wigwams, and Pueblos, poster board, colored pencils/markers/crayons
  • C- : Powhatan Indians lived in Virginia in longhouses grew corn, beans and squash- hunters and fishers, Lakota Indians lived in Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota and South Dakota, they lived teepees known for feathered warbonnets, corn farmers and hunters, and Pueblo Indians lived in the Southwestern United States in a type of home called pueblos, they have a long history of farming
  • Misconception- That all Indians lived in teepees and lived in the same areas
  • P- I would quickly explain what we were going to be doing and give them facts to be looking for such has what type of homes did they live in and I would show an example the students would be able to do their own research in small groups on the 3 Native American tribes through the internet and their text books, then they would create the different homes for the tribes on Tinker cad after they would create the poster of their different environments where they would glue their 3D printed homes onto.



Week 5- LMS

My experience with LMS as a learner has only been once I got to college, really. In grade school, we had the HCPS link once we got to middle school where we could login and see our grades or our parents could. But, we did not have any program like blackboard. Thinking back now, I think it could have been an extremely helpful tool. I love having everything I need for a course all in one spot; it makes it very easy to access everything and stay on top of the work/ your grade. In my college career the Blackboard app on my phone has helped me stay organized and on top of my classes countless of times. In my future career as a teacher I think I would use one for my class. I think it is a great way to stay organized and also just have easy access to everything I or my students would need for the class. For the younger kids that aren’t the best at keeping up with school work or giving their parents papers on their own, having a program such as, Blackboard, the parents could log-in to and check assignments/grades for their child. I think could really help out.