Week 4

An activity I thought of using the 3d printer/ Tinkercad was to have students use it when learning about, symmetry, rotations, flips, and dilation of objects. With the tinkercad website, the students would be able to use virtual manipulatives to see what rotations, flips, slides and enlarging an object looks like. They would be able to try it out with different shapes and see how the different shapes have different rotational symmetries. I think the students being able to play around with these concepts on the website they will get a much better understanding. If we had the 3D printers we could then print some of the shapes and so the motions that way as well as online. To make a lesson out of this and integrate creation, iteration, sharing, and autonomy to my lesson; I put my students into pairs and have them take turns one creating a shape or object and then preforming one of the motions and having the other person guess what motion was done to the object.

Measurement and Geometry SOL 5.14 The students will
a) recognize and apply transformations, such as translation, reflection, and rotation

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