Week 5- LMS

My experience with LMS as a learner has only been once I got to college, really. In grade school, we had the HCPS link once we got to middle school where we could login and see our grades or our parents could. But, we did not have any program like blackboard. Thinking back now, I think it could have been an extremely helpful tool. I love having everything I need for a course all in one spot; it makes it very easy to access everything and stay on top of the work/ your grade. In my college career the Blackboard app on my phone has helped me stay organized and on top of my classes countless of times. In my future career as a teacher I think I would use one for my class. I think it is a great way to stay organized and also just have easy access to everything I or my students would need for the class. For the younger kids that aren’t the best at keeping up with school work or giving their parents papers on their own, having a program such as, Blackboard, the parents could log-in to and check assignments/grades for their child. I think could really help out.

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