Week 6: Google Classroom Lesson

For our lesson, we did the water cycle. Content is understanding the different parts of the water cycle and how they all work together to create the water cycle. So, understanding Evaporation, Condensation, Perception and Transpiration.

Pedagogy: Would be teaching with visuals being the video and catchy song and then checking with written assessment.

Technology would be the online videos

TCK in this lesson is very important because the students really need the technology aspect in this lesson because there would never be any in person discussion or lessons. So, the students having the videos to watch as many times as they need plays a huge part into my pedagogy because I cannot teach them face to face.

PCK is also very very important for online lessons because you have to be able to teach to multiply types of students all from the same online lesson. So I included a video that shows the words on the screen and gives a detailed definition; along with the video of the song that explains the order of the water cycle and its purpose. I know some kids would learn better why watching the video and seeing the word and hearing the definition and some students would get it down better from a song they could easily memorize and then could go back and watch the video to get a better understanding before taking the quiz.


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