Week 13

I noticed quite a few different overlaps between the Virginia computer science standards and the goals/recourses on code.org, they both focus on expanding different ways the child can learn. They both focus on getting students familiar with technology so they can use it to enhance their learning and ways to learn. They both also overlap with how they both integrate technology into other content areas such as math science, and language arts. Challenges I feel like I may run into when I start teaching and have to integrate the computer science standards are not having the materials I need to teach it. I will be working with Richmond city for at least the first five years of my teaching career and the technology recourses that are available to other counties such as Henrico are not available (or easily available) to Richmond City school/teachers. Also, being not the most tech savvy person myself I fear that I may run into having to tech or use technology I am not familiar with.  Although, I can see how technology really can get your kids engaged and excited. Just like when we were doing the in class coding maze with the Spheros, everyone was cheering laughing and just having a great time but most importantly everyone of 100% engaged in the lesson and what we were doing.


For my first activity I used substitution, instead of students just being given a worksheet to fill out about the parts of the plant, they would be able to get online and drag and drop the name and definition of the plant with fun fonts to get them more engaged in the assignment.

For my second activity I used Augmentation, I used google slides to paste pictures of the different continents and write their name, the student would be able to go on and place the continents in their correct spot on the map and then drag the correct name on top.

For my third activity I used substitution, My students would be able to go online and label the different layers of the earth, kids get more excited when they get to do anything online so they would get more out of this than a worksheet.