Week 5

Geography- 2.4:understanding the relationship between the environment and the culture of the Powhatan, Lakota and Pueblo Indians

  • Students will create Native American communities by printing off teepees, longhouses and Pueblos and gluing them to poster board and then decorating the poster with what was important to each tribe in their environment and culture.
  • T- 3D printed teepees, wigwams, and Pueblos, poster board, colored pencils/markers/crayons
  • C- : Powhatan Indians lived in Virginia in longhouses grew corn, beans and squash- hunters and fishers, Lakota Indians lived in Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota and South Dakota, they lived teepees known for feathered warbonnets, corn farmers and hunters, and Pueblo Indians lived in the Southwestern United States in a type of home called pueblos, they have a long history of farming
  • Misconception- That all Indians lived in teepees and lived in the same areas
  • P- I would quickly explain what we were going to be doing and give them facts to be looking for such has what type of homes did they live in and I would show an example the students would be able to do their own research in small groups on the 3 Native American tribes through the internet and their text books, then they would create the different homes for the tribes on Tinker cad after they would create the poster of their different environments where they would glue their 3D printed homes onto.