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Virtual Reality

EEEEEEK! I have to admit, just reading about creating such a virtual learning experience makes my stomach turn.  NOT because I don’t think its a great idea, because I do, but because I am still learning to use simple technologies and this seems completely overwhelming.  I was never a “gamer” and I don’t consider myself … Continue reading Virtual Reality

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Final Reflection

I believe I have definitely made progress towards each goal.  I don’t believe I have completely mastered the world of “”online education”, however I don’t believe this was the intention of the course.  I feel as if I better understand the best practices of virtual learning, the role of the educator in such an environment … Continue reading Final Reflection

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As I work through the final stages of my project, I am still gathering the best resources to accomplish each objective of each lesson.  I also hope to continue to organize my module so that students are able to move from one assignment to the next with ease and are able to complete each activity … Continue reading Status

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I’m honestly not sure that MOOCs have a place in what we’ve discussed through out the course of the semester beyond the fact that they are a form of digital/online learning.  While I understand the point off MOOCs and the possible benefits they offer, I don’t see much of a correlation between the structured, motivating, … Continue reading MOOCS

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Final Plan

I plan to finish the creation of each lesson along with the final assessment portion.  Lesson 1 is almost 100% complete but I would still like to tweak certain portions. I plan to at least utilize portions of my module.  Unfortunately, the nature of my AP course forces me to adhere to a strict pacing plan, … Continue reading Final Plan

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I appreciated the feedback and hope that I made the appropriate changes. I think I may still be struggling to perfect the lesson plan because I haven’t nailed down each and every resource that I will use therefore making it hard to explain the effectiveness of each resource in the TPACK.  Once I have the … Continue reading Final TPACK

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Comment on My Seventh Graders and Self-Regulated Learning KWasosky by amandab42387

First of all, I love your idea about modeling self reflection by discussing with the students how you reflect on your job based on their assessments, conversations etc. I think it is always beneficial (no matter age or level) to learn by watching.

I agree it needs to be taught and I am increasingly interested in learning how to do so (especially with the possibility of PHS going 1 to 1 next year). I think self regulated learning is important to instill in all of our students, no matter their level or the type of educational setting and it’s something that students should continually practice until it’s mastered. The question is however 1. how do we go about that? and 2. where do we find the time to do so with the pressures of SOLs etc.?

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Comment on SRL by amandab42387

I agree Lisa. When I wrote about not explicitly teaching SRL, I was speaking about the audience of my module (AP Govt. Students-12th graders) since the question posed was whether we will address it in our actual module. And I don’t mean to impl that even some of those students couldn’t benefit teaching these skills. However, when thinking about the pace of my course that module is designed for, there is no time to stop and teach such skills.

I totally agree with you that depending on the level (Co-op 9th graders for example) these skills would definitely need to be taught and reinforced in the online learning environment. I hear the same comments, “I don’t know how to study” for example and definitely think we can all continue to work to teach these basic life skills. You’re right, self regulation is important in every day life, not just the classroom. Good point!

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Self regulated learning is something that I encourage in my students on a daily basis.  While my module is intended for a more mature, advanced student audience (AP Government students), self regulation in the learning process is important to encourage, support and model in any type of classroom, regardless of learning types or levels. I … Continue reading SRL

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